Journal European Yearbook of the History of Psychology, vol. 2

European Yearbook of the History of Psychology 2 (2016)

Sources, Theories, and Models

Mauro Antonelli (ed)

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  • Publication Year:2017

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    Editorial (Mauro Antonelli)

    Original essays
    Can Mental Fatigue be Measured by Weber's Compass? Alfred Binet's Answer on the Value of Aesthesiometry (tactile sensitivity) as an Objective Measure of Mental Fatigue (Serge Nicolas & Dominique Makowski)
    Organic Memory and the Engram. From Nineteenth-Century Theories to Modern Cognitivism (Dario Muti)

    Short papers
    A Possible Source of the Final Piece of Vygotsky's Thinking and Speech (Luciano Mecacci)
    William James and Dr Carus (Horst Gundlach)

    Discussions - The Case of the Hystero-Demonopathies in Verzegnis (1878-79)
    Introduction (Barbara Chitussi)
    Mots, croyances et transes. Le mal de Morzine (Jacqueline Carroy)
    Hystero-démonopathie et personnalité multiple. Le cas de Verzegnis (Barbara Chitussi)

    Unpublished and archival material
    Fernando Franzolini and the Case of Hystero-Demonopathies in Verzegnis (Barbara Chitussi)
    - L'epidemia di ossesse (istero-demonopatie) in Verzegnis studiata dai dottori Giuseppe Chiap e Fernando Franzolini Membri ordinarii del Consiglio Sanitario Provinciale del Friuli. Relazione del Dott. Fernando Franzolini Medico-Chirurgo primario dell'Ospitale Civile Provinciale di Udine

    Interview with Wolfgang Schönpflug. February 2016 (Horst Gundlach)

    Book reviews and reading recommendations
    Review Essay. Pavlov Reloaded (Csaba Pléh)
    - Ob ume voobsche, o russcom ume v chasnost'i. zapiski fiziologa [On the mind in general, on the Russian mind in particular. Notes of the psychologist] by Ivan Pavlov
    - Ivan Pavlov. A Russian Life in Science by Daniel P. Todes
    Wundt and the Philosophical Foundation of Psychology. A Reappraisal by Saulo de Freitas Araujo (Christian G. Allesch)
    Histoire de la psychologie by Olivier Houdé (Aleandre Klein)

    Mario Zanforlin (1934-2016) (Luca Tommasi)