Book Series Europa Humanistica : Bohemia and Moravia, vol. 2 (EH 16)

Bohemian School Humanism and its Editorial Practices (ca. 1550 –1610)

Lucie Storchová

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  • Language(s):English, Latin
  • Publication Year:2015

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-55180-7
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Lucie Storchová is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences and an editor of Acta Comeniana. International review of Comenius studies and early modern intellectual history.  After having studied in the Graduiertenkolleg "Lebenswelte und Kommunikationsstrukturen im Mitteleuropa von 16. bis 19. Jahrhundert", she obtained her Ph.D. in Anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities of the Charles University in Prague (FHS UK) in 2009, where she also currently gives lectures. Besides the Renaissance humanism she has published internationally on early modern Orientalism,  discourses of Othering and gender history.


This volume concentrates on the treatment of classical texts for educational purposes in Bohemia in approximately the 1550s–1620s. This specific – in comparison with other Western European countries, rather ‘average’ – type of school humanism was characteristic for the literary field which formed around Prague University. In it, a particular form of Melanchthonian Ciceronianism was practised which was adopted by a group of Bohemian humanists during their studies at Saxon universities in the 1530s and 1540s and lasted in a relatively rigid form until the central academic institution was closed in 1622. Such a stability of literary techniques ¬– based also on an unchanging, institutionally passed-down corpus of teaching manuals and school editions – influenced a series of phenomena, including the communication code used by Czech humanists and the fact that the literary field of Prague University was relatively closed and only partly compatible with other contemporary humanist networks on the European continent. Beside the introductory study, the volume includes bibliographical sketches of Czech humanist scholars and an extensive edited section which presents paratexts (for the most part introductory poems and forewords) of the period’s teaching manuals and humanist editions of classics for school needs.


Table of contents

Editorial note
Introductory study: School humanism in the literary field of Prague University and its editorial practices
Biographical sketches of humanist editors active in the literary field of Prague University

Edited part

Argumenta in duas comaedias Terentii scripta a Magistro Sebastiano Praesticeno (Vienna 1550)
Elegantissimae colloquiorum formulae, ex Publii Terentii comaediis selectae … per Paulum Aquilinatem Hradecenum (Prostějov 1550)
Regulae communes civilis vitae … ex comoediis Terentii excerptae … per Paulum Aquilinatem Hradecenum (Prostějov 1550)
Harmoniae univocae in Odas Horatianas … collectae et novis piorum versuum exemplis illustratae a Matthaeo Collino (Wittenberg 1555)
Aelii Donati Questiones de primis etymologiae elementis … opera Matthaei Collini (Prague 1557)
Aelii Donati … De octo partibus orationis methodus… (Prague 1562)
Donati methodus de  etymologia … correcta a Matthaeo Collino (Prague 1564)
Specimen studii ac laborum … publice in Academia Pragensi … exhaustorum circa enarrationem Graecae Iliados Homeri, et aliorum Latinorum etiam autorum a Magistro Matthaeo Collino (a manuscript of 1557)
Catonis disticha moralia … cum enarratione Boiemica Pauli Aquilinatis Hradeceni (Olomouc 1560)
Celebria dicta sapientium… (Olomouc 1561)
Publii Terentii comoedias sex denuo scholis illustratae… (Prague 1568)
Epistolarum Marci Tulii Ciceronis libri tres … cum scholiis Matthaei Collini (Prague 1577)
Antigona tragoedia Sophoclis e graeco translata per Magistrum Petrum Codicillum… (Prague 1583)
Elegantiarum puerilium ex Marci Tulii epistolis libri tres… (Prague 1581)
Isocratis ad Daemonicum paraenesis de officiis… (Prague 1586)
Elegantiarum e Plauto et Terentio libri duo… (Prague 1589)
Ioannes Cocinus’ editions: Aristotelis Rhetoricorum libri III… (Strasbourg 1570)
Hermogenis Tarsensis … De ratione inueniendi oratoria libri III… ( Strasbourg 1570)
Hermogenis Tarsensis … Partitionum Rhetoricarum liber unus, qui vulgo de Statibus inscribitur… (Strasbourg 1570)
Hermogenis Tarsensis … De dicendi generibus sive formis orationum libri II… (Strasbourg 1571)
Hermogenis Tarsensis … De ratione tranctandae gravitatis occultae liber… (Strasbourg 1571)
Isagoge ad III sermones Marci Tulii Ciceronis de Oratore … scripta a Ioanne Cocino (a manuscript, after 1578)

Pervigilium veris auctore Vencesilao Polentarii Novoboleslavino. Adnexum est Pervigilium Veneris… (Prague 1592)
Ethica Christiana Officiorum divi Ambrosii episcopi Mediolanensis libri tres… opera et sumptu Magistri Troiani Nigelli ab Oskorzina (Prague 1597)
Argumentorum mythologicorum in singulas Publii Ovidii Nasonis librorum XV Metamorphoseon fabulas … a Ioanne Walssovsky (Prague 1610)
Versiculi sententiosi pro tyrocinio puerorum… (Prague 1612)

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