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A Catalogue of the Greek Manuscripts at the Ecclesiastical Historical and Archival Institute of the Patriarchate of Bulgaria, I

Bačkovo Monastery

Dorotei Getov

  • Pages: 532 p.
  • Size:216 x 280 mm
  • Illustrations:173 b/w, 8 col.
  • Language(s):English, Greek, Latin
  • Publication Year:2015

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-55173-9
  • Hardback
  • Available

See also vol. 2 (ISBN 978-2-503-55601-7).


« Des catalogues précis et sûrs, qui paraissent dans des délais raisonnables : les spécialistes des textes et des manuscrits ne peuvent rêver d’une meilleure conjoncture. Puisse D. Getov poursuivre la tache engagée en Bulgarie, permettant ainsi a la communauté scientifique de prendre connaissance de fonds importants de manuscrits, peu connus, sinon presque totalement inconnus. » (Matthieu Cassin, dans la Revue des études byzantines, 74, 2016, p. 423)

"This publication is the product of D. Getov’s long-standing project, intended toreveal the Greek manuscript sources preserved at the Bulgarian libraries. This publication is the product of D. Getov’s long-standing project, intended toreveal the Greek manuscript sources preserved at the Bulgarian libraries. This publication is the product of D. Getov's long-standing project, intended to reveal the Greek manuscript sources preserved at the Bulgarian libraries. (...) The manuscripts originate from a monastery, known as a contact point of the Slavonic and Greek culture during the Middle Ages. They reflect a repertoire, used and distributed on the Balkans and therefore serving as a source to  complete the Slavonic corpora. (...) The catalogue presents a collection, meeting all relevant contemporary criteria for analytical description of medieval manuscripts. It is based on an established editing concept, developed by H. Hunger, O. Kresten, Ch. Hannick for the Greek codices at the Austrian National Library. This model was further developed by Getov in his previous catalogues. (...) A notable feature of the catalogue is the excellent structure of the apparatus, indexing all the major specificities of the descriptions of the codices. Two indexes are included in the volume (...) The illustrations used include life-size photographsof individual sheets from the manuscripts described." (Maria Yovcheva, in: Scripta & e-scripta, 14-15, 2015, p. 379-385)

"All the above data imply that D. Getov did his best to study profoundly and describe a valuable manuscript collection in a modern, precise, and highly comprehensive way. The careful examination and systematization of the facts, the numerous newly discovered details, the synthesis of different scientific results, and the formulation of unsolved problems make these two volumes a must for the specialist in paleography, Greek and the rest of the Balkan languages, literature, liturgy, church music, history, and culture” (Petya Yaneva, in Études balkaniques, 1, 2018, p. 154)

“(..) Getov has rendered an enormous service to the Greek manuscripts of Bulgaria and those who would use them. The publishers are to be thanked for making this high-quality catalogue available at a reasonable price. It should serve as the definitive guide to the Greek holdings of the National Library for its next 150 years.” (Hugh Houghton, in Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2021.02.40)


Dorotei Getov is a classical philologist-turned-student of Greek manuscripts, currently employed by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences as Senior Researcher in Byzantine Literature at its Institute for Literature. He has published several catalogues of Greek manuscripts kept in Bulgarian libraries as well as the editiones principes of the so-called Florilegium Mosquense and of a collection of scholia to the Byzantine legal corpus known as Basilika.


This book is the definitive documentation of a significant segment of the Greek manuscript legacy – the organic library of the famous monastery of the Theotokos  Πετριτζιώτισσα (Bačkovo) near the city of Asenovgrad in Bulgaria. It provides comprehensive scholarly descriptions of thousands of texts, major and minor, that served the liturgical needs and  helped form the mind-set of the Orthodox monastic community on the Balkans.



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