Journal Peritia, vol. 24-25

Peritia - Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland, Volume 24-25 (2013-2014)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2014

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    Peritia. Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland


    Peritia is devoted to the advancement of medieval studies in the broadest sense and welcomes contributions from all disciplines. The journal has a strong publication record in archaeology, computistics, hagiography, history, law and literature. While Peritia enjoys a core strength in early medieval Ireland, this has never been the only focus. Other areas of research, in particular those related to the medieval west, are well-represented.

    La revue Peritia est consacrée aux avancements dans les études médiévales, au sens le plus large du terme (vu d’une perspective insulaire toutefois), incluant l’histoire, les langues, le droit (canonique et séculier), l’archéologie et les disciplines auxiliaires. Elle est particulièrement axée sur le latin insulaire, la saisie de données et la paléographie, et a fourni d’importantes contributions en hagiographie, l’histoire de l’art, l’archéologie, la littérature, le droit irlandais vernaculaire, et l’histoire du Moyen Âge Tardif. La revue comprend une section de comptes rendus vivante et de grande envergure. 



    Jacopo Bisagni: Prolegomena to the study of code-switching in the Old Irish glosses

    Sarah Corrigan: Hisperic enigma machine: sea creatures and sources in the Hisperica famina

    Johan Corthals: Decoding the ‘Caldron of poesy’

    Paul Byrne: Life of St Molua: date and authorship


    Immo Warntjes: An Irish eclipse prediction of AD 754: the earliest in the Latin West

    Jacopo Bisagni: A new citation from a work of Columbanus in BnF lat. 6400B


    Mark Clinton: The Viking longphort of Linn Duachaill: a first report

    Clare Downham: The ‘annalistic section’ of Cogad Gáedel re Gallaib


    David Woods: Once more on Proclus, the Virgin Mary, and the Irish

    David Frendo: Anonymus Graecosiculus: a twelfth-century Greek poet


    Christophe Archan: Ordeal by fire in medieval Ireland

    Westley Follett: Religious texts in the Mac Aodhagáin library of Lower Ormond

    Peter Smith: Contending coarbs: Cindus fuair Mlaise in Bealach?


    Paul MacCotter: Diocese of Achonry: church, land, and history

    Tomás Ó Carragáin: Archaeology of ecclesiastical estates: the kingdom of Fir Maige


    Gerard Crotty: Heraldry in medieval Ireland I: prolegomena


    C. Philipp E. Nothaft / Mary Kelly & Charles Doherty (ed), Music and the stars: mathematics in medieval Ireland

    Colin Ireland / Elva Johnston, Literacy and identity in early medieval Ireland

    Elaine C. S. Pereira Farrell / Dominique V. C. Santos, Patrício: a construção da imagem de um santo / How the historical Patrick was transformed into the St Patrick of religious faith

    George & Isabel Henderson / Bernard Meehan, The Book of Kells

    Paul Byrne / Edel Bhreathnach, Ireland in the medieval world, AD 400–1000: landscape,  kingship and religion

    Griffin Murray / Karen Eileen Overbey, Sacral geographies: saints, shrines, and territory in medieval Ireland

    Romedio Schmitz-Esser / K.-H. Spieß & Immo Warntjes (ed), Death at court

    Benjamin Hudson / Sean Duffy, Brian Boru and the battle of Clontarf

    Bernadette Cunningham/ Pádraig A. Breatnach, The Four Masters and their manuscripts: studies in palaeography and text

    John Scattergood / Jennifer FitzGerald, Helen Waddell and Maude Clarke: Irishwomen, friends, and scholars