Journal Pecia. Le livre et l’écrit, vol. 16

Pecia. Le livre et l’écrit, 16 (2013)

Performance and the Page

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  • Language(s):English, French
  • Publication Year:2015

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    The manuscript page is a site of performance. That is the simple, common view shared by all contributors to this volume of Pecia: le livre et l’écrit. ‘Performance’, in our understanding of the term, is a broad notion, not limited to oral rendition. Rather, the term ‘performance’ seeks to encompass reception in any form, whether that be visual or oral, passive or active, silent or sounding, complete or fragmentary. Th e notion of ‘the page’ is here taken to mean the page of the medieval manuscript. Th is is likewise understood on all levels from the micro to the macro, whether margin, text, book, or archive. Th ere are numerous diverse performers who take part in such a performance: the ‘author’ (or ‘authors’), if discernible; the scribes, those medieval performers who perhaps most of all shape our understanding of the texts that they transmit to us, the editors – surely the more modern counterpart to the scribe – and the readers, from all eras. We hereby invite you to join in the performance.


    Kate MAXWELL, James R. SIMPSON, and Peter V. DAVIES, Performance and the Page

    James R. SIMPSON, Turning Verse Conversions? Mise en page and Metre in Rutebeuf’s Le miracle de Théophile

    Anne IBOS-AUGÉ, Music or Musics? The Case of Renart le Nouvel

    Emmanuel MELIN, Réécrire l’archive. Fabrication, classement et mise en page de la mémoire institutionnelle à Reims à la fin du Moyen Âge
    Geoffrey ROGER, Koineisation in the Burgundian Netherlands : A Scriptological  Insight from the Cent nouvelles nouvelles?

    Antony VINCIGUERRA, Glasgow ms. Hunter 253 (U.4.11) : A Corpus of Texts as an Introduction to Medieval Alchemical Knowledge

    Aditi NAFDE, Laughter Lines: Reading the Layouts of the Tale of Sir Thopas

    Mary WELLESLEY : “Evyr to be songe and also to be seyn”: The Performing Page of the N-town Visit to Elizabeth

    Jean-Luc DEUFFIC : Miscellanées bretonnes. La page dans tous ses états

    Recension : Bernhard Bischoff, Katalog der festländischen Handschriften des neunten Jahrhunderts (1998, 2004, 2014)

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