Journal Yearbook of Langland Studies, vol. 27

Yearbook of Langland Studies 27 (2013)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2014

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    The Yearbook of Langland Studies is the sole journal devoted to Piers Plowman studies. Since 1987, YLS has significantly shaped the expanding critical attention to the poem and its contexts. Each volume - including essays, debate, reviews, and annual annotated bibliography - offers access to the most significant and up-to-date scholarship on the poem and its literary, historical, codicological, and critical contexts.



    Another Alliterative Pattern in Piers Plowman B — JOHN BURROW

    The Craft of the ‘Z-Maker’: Reading the Z text’s Unique Lines in Context — KARRIE FULLER

    John Cok and his Copy of Piers Plowman — SIMON HOROBIN

    Dialects in the Harley Miscellany: The Song of the Husbandman and The Poet’s Repentance — AD PUTTER

    Langland’s Confessional Dissonance: Wanhope in Piers Plowman B — EMILY REBEKAH HUBER

    The Selling of Piers Plowman Manuscripts in the Twentieth Century — A. S. G. EDWARDS

    Reviews — Earthly Honest Things: Collected Essays on ‘Piers Plowman’ (by A. V. C. Schmidt) — STEPHEN A. BARNEY 

    ‘Yee? Baw for Bokes’: Essays on Medieval Manuscripts and Poetics in Honor of Hoyt N. Duggan (ed. by Michael Calabrese and Stephen H. A. Shepherd) — IAN CORNELIUS

    Medieval Poetics and Social Practice: Responding to the Work of Penn Szittya (ed. by Seeta Chaganti) — EDWIN D. CRAUN

    The Island Garden: England’s Language of Nation from Gildas to Marvell (by Lynn Staley) — JONATHAN HSY

    Imagination, Meditation, and Cognition in the Middle Ages (by Michelle Karnes) — ELEANOR JOHNSON

    Conscience and the Composition of ‘Piers Plowman’ (by Sarah Wood) — MICHELLE KARNES

    Wycliffite Controversies (ed. by Mishtooni Bose and J. Patrick Hornbeck II) — MICHAEL VAN DUSSEN

    Annual Bibliography, 2012