Journal Yearbook of Langland Studies, vol. 33

Yearbook of Langland Studies 33 (2019, publ.2020)

  • Pages: 325 p.
  • Size:156 x 234 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2020

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58318-1
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    • Lolling and the Suspension of Salvation in Piers Plowman - MICAH JAMES GOODRICH
    • A Taciturn Will - EDWIN D. CRAUN
    • Towards a Vernacular Ecclesiology: Revising the Mirour de l’Omme, Vox Clamantis, and Piers Plowman During the Western Schism - ZACHARY E. STONE
    • The Clerical Career of William Rokele - MICHAEL JOHNSTON
    • John But and the Ending of the A Version of Piers Plowman - SIMON HOROBIN


    • Introduction - KATHARINE BREEN
    • Langland’s Poetics of Animation: Body, Soul, Personification - JULIE ORLEMANSKI
    • The Voice of the Sluggard: Humanizing Sloth in the Manuel des pechiez - CLAIRE M. WATERS
    • Wet Shoes, Dirty Coats, and the Agency of Things: Thinking Personification through New Materialism - TEKLA BUDE
    • Response: Langlandian Personification - MARY C. FLANNERY


    • Volition’s Face: Personification and the Will in Renaissance Literature (by Andrew Escobedo) - SARAH TOLMIE
    • Patient Reading / Reading Patience: Oxford Essays on Medieval English Literature (by Ralph Hanna) - MICHAEL CALABRESE
    • Pursuing Middle English Manuscripts and Their Texts: Essays in Honour of Ralph Hanna (ed. by Simon Horobin and Aditi Nafde) - MICHAEL JOHNSTON
    • Staging Contemplation: Participatory Theology in Middle English Prose, Verse, and Drama (by Eleanor Johnson) BARBARA NEWMAN
    • The Penn Commentary on ‘Piers Plowman’: Volume 4: C Passūs 15-19; B Passūs 13-17 (by Traugott Lawler) LAWRENCE WARNER
    • Voice in Later Medieval Literature: Public Interiorities (by David Lawton) KATHERINE ZIEMAN
    • Nature Speaks: Medieval Literature and Aristotelian Philosophy (by Kellie Robertson) REBECCA DAVIS
    • Consolation in Medieval Narrative: Augustinian Authority and Open Form (by Chad D. Schrock) THERESA TINKLE
    • Indecent Exposure: Gender, Politics, and Obscene Comedy in Middle English Literature (by Nicole Nolan Sidhu) SUZANNE M. EDWARDS
    • The Philosophy of ‘Piers Plowman’: The Ethics and Epistemology of Love in Late Medieval Thought (by David Strong) JESSICA ROSENFELD
    • Description and Narrative in Middle English Alliterative Poetry (by Thorlac Turville-Petre) STEPHEN A. BARNEY
    • Middle English Mouths: Late Medieval Medical, Religious and Literary Traditions (by Katie L. Walter) MARY HAYES
    • Chaucer’s Scribes: London Textual Production, 1384-1432 (by Lawrence Warner) DAVID RAYBIN

    Annual Bibliography, 2018 - ALASTAIR BENNETT and NANCY HAIJING JIANG