Journal The Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology, vol. 7

Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology 2012

Lilla Russell-Smith, Judith Lerner (eds)

  • Pages: 324 p.
  • Size:216 x 280 mm
  • Illustrations:200 b/w, 58 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2017

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-54348-2
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    Luca M. Olivieri, The Last Phases at Barikot: Urban Cults and Sacred Architecture. Data from the Spring 2013 Excavation Campaign in Swat

    Shaymardankul A. Rakhmanov (†), Wall Paintings from Tavka, Uzbekistan

    Aleksandr Naymark, The Coinage of Nakhshab during the First–Fourth Centuries CE. Towards a New Systematization of Sogdian Coinages and the Political History of Sogd during Antiquity

    Andrey V. Omel’chenko, On the Question of Sasanian Presence in Sogdiana. Recent Results of Excavations at Paykand

    Sirodzh D. Mirzaakhmedov, The Ribāṭ-Caravanserais from the Eastern Suburbs of Paykand. Archaeological and Historical Aspects

    Alison Betts, Vadim N. Yagodin (†), Frantz Grenet, Fiona Kidd, Michele Minardi, Melodie Bonnat, and Stanislav Khashimov, The Akchakhan-kala Wall Paintings: New Perspectives on Kingship and Religion in Ancient Chorasmia

    Ken Parry, Reflections on a Silk Fragment from Toyuq: Christian or Manichaean?

    Tatjana Bayerova and Gerald Kozicz, The Last Wall Standing. A Survey of the Architectural Remains and the Material Components of the Dilapidated Buddhist Temple of Chigtan in Lower Ladakh

    Papers from the Roundtable "Shifting Frontiers: Current Issues in the History of Early Islamic Central Asia," held on December 17–18, 2010 at Leiden University

    Petra Sijpesteijn (Leiden University), Étienne DE LA VAISSIÈRE (EHESS), Introduction

    Minoru Inaba, Between Zābulistān and Gūzgān: A Study on the Early Islamic History of Afghanistan

    Simone Mantellini, Serena Di Cugno, Rita Dimartino, and Amreddin E. Berdimuradov, Change and Continuity in the Samarkand Oasis: Evidence for the Islamic Conquest from the Citadel of Kafir Kala

    Boris. I. Marshak (†) and Valentina I. Raspopova, Panjikent and the Arab Conquest

    Asan I. Torgoev, New Data on the Islamization of South-Western Semirech’e