Journal Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences, vol. 2009,1

Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences 59/1-162, 2009

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  • Language(s):French, English, German
  • Publication Year:2009

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    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences aim to publish works in history of science, epistemology and philosophy of science in various fields : from biology to medicine, from mathematics to astronomy, by way of the physical and chemical sciences, and also including arts and architecture and studies considering the institutional and political circumstances that create the contexts where sciences have developed.

    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences aim to be a place to publish original works. Hence the Archives give priority to new discoveries and interpretations which enrich, deepen, and renew knowledge in the fields in which the journal is concerned, for all cultural areas from Antiquity to contemporary times.

    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences publish 2 issues per year in six languages: English, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Spanish. Each issue should contain varied and duly evaluated contributions, as well as individual articles, thematic sets of papers, and reviews of recent books.

    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences are the official organ of the International Academy of the History of Sciences. Their publication is also supported by the Paris Observatory which is the seat of the International Academy of the History of Sciences. They are published and distributed by Brepols in both paper and electronic form.

    The list of issues published since 2004, giving access to the contents list with links to each contribution, is on the Brepols website at the address


    Robert Halleux – Liminaire

    Lucie Gobillot-Costabel et Mirjana Ilic – Pierre Costabel, une figure marquante de l’Histoire des Sciences au XXe siècle
    Pascal Duris – Linné et la réforme de la nomenclature anatomique sous la Révolution
    Ioannis M. Vandoulakis – Plato’s “ Third Man ”. Paradox : its Logic and History
    Vincent Jullien – Les quatre mathématiques de Descartes
    Mariafranca Spallanzani – “ Le métier à bas est comme un seul et unique raisonnement ”. L’Encyclopédie vers une philosophie de la machine
    Mirjana Ilic – The Euler-Wettstein Correspondence
    Paolo Quintili – Le matérialisme technologique de Diderot, descripteur d’arts et métiers
    Marie-Laure Monfort – La question épidémique dans le traité De Peste de Janus Cornarius (1551) : un aspect de la vulgate hippocratique
    Marco Ciardi – Atlantis and the History of Science
    Julie Mazaleigue – La formation du concept de perversion sexuelle au XIXème siècle
    Lucia Prinou, Lia Halkia, Constantine Skordoulis – La réception de la théorie de l’évolution dans l’enseignement grec


    Herbert Pieper (1943-2008) (Regina Mikosch und Ingo Schwarz)
    Derek Thomas Whiteside (1932-2008) (Alan E. Shapiro)
    Xi Zezong (1927-2008) (Institute for the History of Natural Science. Chinese Academy of Sciences)


    Letter to the editorial (S.S. Demidov)
    Inter-Divisional Commission on History of IAGA. Sopron, Hungary, Summer 2009
    Sciences, Techniques et Cultures : il dodicesmo congresso internazionale sull’Illuminismo (David Armando)