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Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences 70/184-185, 2020

Galen’s Treatise On Simple Drugs: Interpretation and Transmission

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  • Illustrations:1 col.
  • Language(s):French, English
  • Publication Year:2020

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58716-5
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    Dossier : Galen’s Treatise On Simple Drugs: Interpretation and Transmission

    Matteo Martelli, Caroline Petit, Lucia Raggetti, Introduction. New Perspectives on Galen’s Treatise On Simple Drugs and the History of Pharmacology

    Peter N. Singer, A Change in the Substance: Theory and it Limits in Galen’s Simples

    John Wilkins, Bodily Fluids (‘Humours’) and Flavours in Galen’s Simple Medicines

    Caroline Petit, Les manuscrits grecs du traité des Simples de Galien

    Siam Bhayro, Galen’s Simples in Syriac

    Naima Afif, Peter E. Pormann, William I. Sellers, Natalia Smelova, Siam Bhayro, The Syriac Text of Book Nine of On Simple Drugs. New Evidence from the Syriac Galen Palimpsest

    Lucia Raggetti, Simples on the Trees or Medicines on the Table? A Synopsis of Galenic Pharmacology in MS Bodleian Huntington 600

    Iolanda Ventura, Galen’s Simple Drugs and Its Medieval Readers: Some Notes on the Reception of Galen’s Pharmacology

    Stefania Fortuna, Niccolò da Reggio and His Latin Translation of Galen’s On Simple Drugs


    Corinna Guerra, La Grotte du chien : un laboratoire européen des connaissances chimiques avant la création de laboratoires institutionnels à Naples

    In memoriam

    Menso Folkerts, Paul Kunitzsch (1930-2020)

    Études critiques

    Lennart Lehmhaus, Matteo Martelli (eds.), Collecting Recipes: Byzantine and Jewish Pharmacology in Dialogue (Amneris Roselli, Giancarlo Lacerenza)

    Marie-Laure Monfort, Janus Cornarius et la redécouverte d'Hippocrate à la Renaissance (Christina Savino)

    Comptes rendus