Journal Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences, vol. 2006, 1-2

Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences 56/1-2/156-157, 2006

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    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences aim to publish works in history of science, epistemology and philosophy of science in various fields : from biology to medicine, from mathematics to astronomy, by way of the physical and chemical sciences, and also including arts and architecture and studies considering the institutional and political circumstances that create the contexts where sciences have developed.

    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences aim to be a place to publish original works. Hence the Archives give priority to new discoveries and interpretations which enrich, deepen, and renew knowledge in the fields in which the journal is concerned, for all cultural areas from Antiquity to contemporary times.

    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences publish 2 issues per year in six languages: English, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Spanish. Each issue should contain varied and duly evaluated contributions, as well as individual articles, thematic sets of papers, and reviews of recent books.

    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences are the official organ of the International Academy of the History of Sciences. Their publication is also supported by the Paris Observatory which is the seat of the International Academy of the History of Sciences. They are published and distributed by Brepols in both paper and electronic form.

    The list of issues published since 2004, giving access to the contents list with links to each contribution, is on the Brepols website at the address

    Table des Matières

    I - Articles

    R. Halleux, Entre philosophie naturelle et savoir d'ingénieur : l'Epistola de magnete de Pierre de Maricourt, A. Rauwel, Un portrait inédit du P. Mersenne à la Bibliothèque de la Trinité-des-Monts - T. W. van Heinigen, Le vol et la restitution des objets d'histoire naturelle du Stathouder Guillaume V. Les péripéties des collections du Stathouder Guillaume V entre 1795 et 1815 - E. d'Hombres, La régulation du "milieu intérieur". Étude sur le devenir physiologique de la terminologie de la régulation (XVIIIe-XIXe siècles) - C. Phili, Jean Carandinos (1784-1834) : Initiateur des mathématiques françaises en Grèce

    Symposium : International Networks, Exchange and Circulation of Knowledge in Life Sciences, 18th to 20th Centuries. XXIIe Congrès international d'histoire des sciences (Beijjing, 2005)

    B. Hoppe, N. Robin, S. Štrábanová, Introduction

    I. Circulation of Knowledge by Means of Networks based on Private Initiatives

    É. Marié, Un exemple de transmission du savoir entre la Chine et l'Europe au XVIIIe siècle : les communications et échanges sur le diagnostic par les pouls - M. Terada, La sphygmologie chinoise et la mise au point d'une nouvelle conception vitaliste de l'économie animale par des vitalistes montpelliérains - B. Hoppe, The Transmission of Knowlegde on East-Asiatic Plants to Europe in Early Modern Times - P. Fontes da Costa, A. Jesus, António Ribeiro Sanches and the Circulation of Medical Knowledge in Eighteenth-Century Europe - N. Robin, Studies on the Characteristics of Seeds and the Metamorfosis of Plants - The Reception of L.-Cl. Richard's textbooks in Weimar-Jena - M. Ogawa, S. Endo, The Language of Science : The Circulation of Knowledge in Translation

    II. Circulation of Knowledge by Means of Networking on the Background of Great Empires

    M. Klemum, Austrian Botanical Collection Journeys (1783-1792). Network-patterns in Expeditions : Global Intentions interwoven with Local Dimensions - L. Davin Bregman, 'For Sale' : Botanists and the Commercial Trade in Botanical Specimens at the Cape of Good Hope - F. Seebacher, A 'National Feeling' in Science? Bohemian Professors at the Medical Faculties of Vienna and Prague Universities : Mediators in National and International Networking

    III. Circulation of Knowledge in the 20th Century by Means of Networks based on Scientific Institutions and International Organizations

    S. Štrábanová, Continuous Cultivation of Microorganisms - Dissemination of a Method at the Frontiers of Science, Technology and Politics - S. Brauckmann, A Network of Tissue Culture and Cells : The American Society for Cell Biology - I. Chowdhury, Local Hierarchies and International Networks : Molecular Biology at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, 1962-1980 - L. Guo, Z. Dong, Catalyst of Collaboration : The NIH in Biomedical Exchanges Between the People's Republic of China and the USA - D. Zhang, X. Chen, From Britain Drain to Brain Gain. The CUSBEA Programme and its Influence on Life Science in China