Journal Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences, vol. 2008,1-2

Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences, vol. 58/2008

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  • Publication Year:2008

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    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences aim to publish works in history of science, epistemology and philosophy of science in various fields : from biology to medicine, from mathematics to astronomy, by way of the physical and chemical sciences, and also including arts and architecture and studies considering the institutional and political circumstances that create the contexts where sciences have developed.

    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences aim to be a place to publish original works. Hence the Archives give priority to new discoveries and interpretations which enrich, deepen, and renew knowledge in the fields in which the journal is concerned, for all cultural areas from Antiquity to contemporary times.

    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences publish 2 issues per year in six languages: English, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Spanish. Each issue should contain varied and duly evaluated contributions, as well as individual articles, thematic sets of papers, and reviews of recent books.

    The Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences are the official organ of the International Academy of the History of Sciences. Their publication is also supported by the Paris Observatory which is the seat of the International Academy of the History of Sciences. They are published and distributed by Brepols in both paper and electronic form.

    The list of issues published since 2004, giving access to the contents list with links to each contribution, is on the Brepols website at the address

    Mémorial Adolf Youschkevitch

    Robert Halleux – Liminaire

    Serguei Demidov, Roshdi Rashed - Adolf-Andrei Pavlovich Youschkevich (Odessa 15 juillet 1906 - Moscou 17 juillet 1993)
    Roshdi Rashed,  A. Youschkevitch, historien des mathématiques arabes
    S. S. Demidov, T.A. Tokareva - Adolf Youschkevitch Pavlovitch. I formirovanie soovchtchestva istorikov matematiki v SSSR
    Isabella G. Bashmakova - Diophantine Equations in Leonardo of Pisa
    Irina Lyuter – Metaphysical problems of the 13th- and 14th-century. Arabic geometry : the works of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, Qutb Al-Din Al-Shirazi and their contemporaries
    Dimitri A. Bayuk, Charles E. Ford - Dante's cosmology revisited
    Uta Lindgren - Forma et Figura. Mathematische Lehrbücher der mittelalterlichen Architekten und Ingenieure
    Christian Gilain - Mathématiques mixtes et mathématiques pures chez d’Alembert : le cas des systèmes différentiels linéaires
    René Taton - Les correspondants français d'Euler
    Evgeny Zaytsev - Euler's Problem of Konigsberg Bridges and Leibniz' geometria situs
    Eberhard Knobloch - Vega and the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin
    Amilcar Martin Medina, Maxime Gouzevitch - Aux sources de la thermodynamique. Le mémoire sur" la force expansive de la vapeur" du Chevalier de Betancourt et du Baron de Prony
    Natalia Ermolaeva - Les mathématiciens de Saint-Pétersbourg et les problèmes cartographiques
    Alexey V. Postnikov - Geographic Explorations of Russian Orthodox Church Missionaries in the Russian America (Late Eighteenth - Early Nineteenth Centuries)
    S.S. Petrova - Cauchy et le calcul symbolique
    Christine Phili - Réflexions d'un provincial sur la Métaphysique du calcul des infiniment petits
    Hans Wußing - Arthur Cayley und der abstrakte Gruppenbegriff
    Luboš Novy - Les relations entre la logique et la mathématique dans l'oeuvre de Bernard Bolzano
    I. Grattan-Guinness - DifferentiaI equations and linearity in the 19th and early 20th centuries
    A.D. Soloviev - Nekrasov and the Central Limit theorem of the Theory of Probability
    Oscar Sheynin - Romanovsky's Correspondence with K. Pearson and R.A. Fisher
    T.A. Tokareva et A.I. Volodarsky - Index des ouvrages publiés de A.P. Youschkevitch, des comptes rendus sur ses livres et des publications à son sujet.