Journal Peritia, vol. 17

Peritia 17-18 (2003-2004) - Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland

  • Pages: 562 p.
  • Size:170 x 240 mm
  • Illustrations:9 b/w
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2005

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    This issue comprises the following:
    Insular Latin
    Marina Smyth, The date and origin of Liber de ordine creaturarum; John Carey, The obscurantists and the sea-monster: reflection on the Hisperica famina; David Howlett, Early Insular Latin poetry
    Ecclesiastical Texts: Critiques and Analyses
    Francis Clark, Searching for St Benedict in the legacy of St Gregory the Great; Roy Flechner, The making of the Canons of Theodore; David Howlett, The prologue to the Collectio canonum hibernensis; David Howlett, Numerical punctilio in Patrick's Confessio
    Adomnán, Iona, and Scotland
    Mark Stansbury, The compostition of Adomnán's Vita Columbae; James E. Fraser, Adomnán, Cumméne Ailbe, and the Picts; Miho Tanaka, Iona and the kingship of Dál Riata in Adomnán's Vita Columbae; Thomas Owen Clancy, Diarmait sapientissimus: the career of Diarmait, dalta Daigre, abbot of Iona
    The Vikings in the West
    Claire Downham, The Vikings in Southern Uí Néill until 1014; Jan Erik Rekdal, Vikings and Saints - encounters vestan um haf; Emer Purcell, The expulsion of the Ostmen, 1169-71: the documentary evidence
    Geneaelogy, Kinship, and Kingship
    Bart Jaski, The genealogical section of the Psalter of Cashel; Rolf Baumgarten, Co nómad n-ó: and early Irish socio-legal timescale; Megan McGowan, Royal succession in earlier medieval Ireland: the fiction of tanistry
    Medieval Politics
    Julia Hofman, The marriage of Childeric II and Bilichild in the context of the Grimoald coup; Immo Warntjes, The alternation of the kingship of Tara 734-944
    Text and artist
    Douglas Mac Lean, Scribe as artist, not monk: the canon tables of Ailerán 'the Wise' and the Book of Kells; Malgorzata Krasnodebska-D'Aughton, The homily on the epiphany in the Catechesis cracouiensis
    Short Studies and Notes
    David Woods, Acorns, the plague, and the 'Iona Chronicle'; Cormac Bourke, On the Ballach Damnatan; Simon Young, In gentibus dispersisti nos: the British diaspora in Patrick and Gildas; Leofranc Holford-Strevens, Old Irish cétemnide, Latin centumgeminus; Simon Young, A Briton in twelfth-century Santiago de Compostela

    La revue Peritia est consacrée aux avancements dans les études médiévales, au sens le plus large du terme (vu d’une perspective insulaire toutefois), incluant l’histoire, les langues, le droit (canonique et séculier), l’archéologie et les disciplines auxiliaires. Elle est particulièrement axée sur le latin insulaire, la saisie de données et la paléographie, et a fourni d’importantes contributions en hagiographie, l’histoire de l’art, l’archéologie, la littérature, le droit irlandais vernaculaire, et l’histoire du Moyen Âge Tardif. La revue comprend une section de comptes rendus vivante et de grande envergure.