Journal Viator, vol. 31

Viator 31 (2000)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2000

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    Contents of this issue: Abstracts
    B. Weiler; The (Rex renitens) and the Medieval Idea of Kingship, ca. 900-ca. 1250 
    J. S. Ott; Urban Space, Memory, and Episcopal Authority: The Bishops of Amiens in Peace and Conflict, 1073-1164 
    P. Dalton; Churchmen and the Promotion of Peace in King Stephen's Reign 
    J. W. Baldwin; Etienne de Gallardon and the Making of the Cartulary of Bourges 
    E. Klein; The Widow's Portion: Law, Custom, and Marital Property among Medieval Catalan Jews 
    R. Lynn Winer; Defining Rape in Medieval Perpignan: Women Plaintiffs before the Law 
    R. P. Tarr; "Ecce virgo concipiet": The Iconography and Context of Duccio's London (Annunciation)
    J. Coleman; The Text Recontextualized in Performance: Deschamps' Prelection of Machaut's (Voir Dit) to the Count of Flanders 
    P. Murray Jones and L. T. Olsan; Middleham Jewel: Ritual, Power and Devotion 
    I. Navarrete; Francisco Sá de Miranda, Garcilaso de la Vega, and the Transfer of Italian Poetic Forms to Portugal and Spain Florike E. and P. Mason; "These are people who eat raw fish": Contours of the Ethnographic Imagination in the Sixteenth Century 
    V. Krause; Montaigne's Art of Idleness 
    I. Macinnes; Stigmata on Trial: The Nun of Portugal and the Politics of the Body 
    J. Carrillo; Taming the Visible: Word and Image in Oviedo's (Historia General y Natural de las Indias)
    P. E. Chevedden, Z. Shiller, S. R. Gilbert, D. J. Kagay; The Traction Trebuchet: A Triumph of Four Civilizations