Journal Viator, vol. 30

Viator 30 (1999)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:1999

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    Contents of issue: Abstracts of articles; Blair Sullivan, 'The unwritable sound of music: the origins and implications of Isidore's memorial metaphor'; Warren Brown, 'The use of norms in disputes in early medieval Bavaria'; Eric J. Goldberg', '"More devoted to the equipment of battle than the splendor of banquets": Frontier kingship, military ritual, and early knighthood at the court of Louis the German'; Jenny Jochens, 'Race and ethnicity in the Old Norse world'; Paul Antony Hayward, 'Saint Albans, Durham, and the cult of Saint Oswine king and martyr'; Marie Louise Göllner, 'Rhythm and pattern: the two-voice motets of Codex Montpellier'; John E. Dotson, 'Fleet operations in the first Genoese-Venetian war, 1264-1266'; Harvey J. Hames, 'Conversion via ecstatic experience in Ramon Llull's Llibre del gentil e dels tres savis'; Susan Einbinder, 'The Troyes laments: Jewish martyrology in Hebrew and Old French'; Carrie E. Benes, 'Cola di Rienzo and the Lex Regia'; Kimberly Rivers, 'Memory and medieval preaching: mnemonic advice in the Ars praedicandi of Francesc Eiximenis (ca. 1327-1409); Edward I. Condren, 'Numerical proportion as aesthetic strategy in the Pearl manuscript'; Nancy Bradley Warren, 'Kings, saints, and nuns: gender, relgiion, and authority in the reign of Henry V'; Anne Hudson, 'Accessus ad auctorem: the case of John Wyclif'; Rebecca Jean Emigh, 'The length of leases: short-term contracts and long-term relationships'; Marija-Ana Dürrigl and Stella Fatovic-Ferencic, 'Marginalia miscellanea medica in Croatian Glagolitic monuments: a model for interdisciplinary investigations'; Geoffrey Eatough, 'Peter Martyr's account of the first contacts with Mexico'.