Journal Viator, vol. 29

Viator 29 (1998)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:1998

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    Contents of this issue: Abstracts; Scott Gwara, 'Second language acquisition and Anglo-Saxon bilingualism: negative transfer and avoidance in Ælfric Bata's Latin {Colloquia} ca. A.D. 1000'; Robert Chazan, 'The First Crusade as reflected in the earliest Hebrew narrative'; Susan Boynton, 'Preformative exegesis in the Fleury {Interfectio Puerorum}'; Gunar Freibergs, 'From Paris to Poland via the Arctic: the origin and transmission of a cosmological theory'; Richard Kay, 'Gerald of Wales and the Fourth Lateran Council'; John S. Langdon, 'Byzantium's initial encounter with the Chinggisids: an introduction to the Byzantino-Mongolica'; Bernard Schlager, 'Foundresses of the Franciscan life: Umiliana Cerchi and Margaret of Cortona'; Nancy van Deusen, 'On the usefulness of music: motion, music, and the thirteenth-century reception of Aristotle's {Physics}'; Marios Philippides, 'The fall of Constantinople 1453: Bishop Leonardo Giustiniani and his Italian followers'; Mary C. Erler, 'A London anchorite, Simon Appulby: his {Fruyte of Redempcyon} and its milieu'; Marc-André Wiesmann, '"La poéééiel" in Montaigne's "Apologie de Raimond Sebond'. A special section on "Iconography, Politics and the Symbolism of Power in Medieval Europe": T.N. Bisson, 'On not eating Polish bread in vain: resonance and conjuncture in the {Deeds of the Princes of Poland} (1109-1113); Alexander Patschovsky, 'The Holy Emperor Henry "the First" as one of the dragon's heads of apocalypse: on the image of the Roman Empire under German rule in the tradition of Joachim of Fiore'; John Van Engen, 'Professing religion: from liturgy to law'; Ludwig Schmugge, 'Cleansing on consciences: some observations regarding the fifteenth-century registers of the papal penitentiary'; Johannes Fried, 'Time and eternity in the eschatology of the Guennol Triptych'; Giles Constable, 'The place of the crusader in medieval society'.

    Viator publie des articles de qualité dans tous les domaines du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance, vus comme la période située entre l’Antiquité Tardive et le milieu du XVIIe siècle. En accord avec son nom, la revue prend en compte des articles qui traversent les frontières : articles traitant de la rencontre des cultures, du suivi d’une idée au cours des siècles, et qui emploie simultanément des méthodes de disciplines différentes. Les articles, tous écrits en anglais, doivent atteindre un niveau technique excellent tout en étant accessible au non-spécialiste averti.