Journal Antiquité Tardive - Late Antiquity - Spätantike - Tarda Antichità, vol. 5

Antiquité Tardive 5/1997

L'argenterie romaine de l'Antiquité Tardive

  • Pages: 394 p.
  • Size:220 x 280 mm
  • Language(s):French
  • Publication Year:1997

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    This international journal is the publication of the « Association for Late Antiquity » which was founded in Lyon to prepare for the International Congress of Christian Archaeology held there in 1986. The Association’s journal aims at enriching the study of written texts from the fourth to the eighth centuries by setting these into a wider context using a multidisciplinary approach covering history, archaeology, epigraphy, law and philology.

    F.Baratte, Introduction R.Bland, The changing patterns of hoards of precious-metal coins in the late Empire. E.Künzl, Römische Tempelschätze und Sakralinventare: Votive, Horte, Beute. M.M. Mango, Continuity of fourth/fifth century silver plate in the sixth/seventh centuries in the Eastern Empire. K.Painter, Silver hoards from Britain in their late-roman context. F.Baratte, La vaisselle d'argent dans l'Afrique romaine et byzantine. I.Popovic, Les productions officielles et privées des ateliers d'orfèvrerie de Naissus et de Sirmium. R.Reece, The myths amd messages of silver plate. A. Arbeiter, Der Kaiser mit dem Christogrammnimbus zur silbernen Largitionsschale in Genf. VARIA CHRONIQUE BULLETIN CRITIQUE (Histoire et archéologie) (Régions) (Littérature et philologie)