Journal Viator, vol. 28

Viator 28 (1997)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:1997

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    J.A. Bowman, Do Neo-Romans Curse? Law, Land, and Ritual in the Midi (900-1100), B. Sullivan, The Polyphony of the Spheres, J. Hemming, Sellam gestare: Saddle-Bearing Punishments and the Case of Rhiannon, K.E. Gade, Northern Light on the Battle of Hastings, I.M. Resnick, Odo of Cambrai and the Investiture Crisis in the Early Twelfth Century, P. Buc, Conversion of Objects: Suger of Saint-Denis and Meinwerk of Paderborn, K.E. Haney, The St. Albans Psalter and the New Spiritual Ideals of the Twelfth Century, C. Burnett, The Instruments Which Are the Proper Delights of the Quadrivium: Rhythmomachy and Chess in the Teaching of Arithmetic in Twelfth-Century England, L.K. Pick, Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada and the Jews, M. Sargent, The Annihilation of Marguerite Porete, M.A. Rouse and R.H. Rouse, The Goldsmith and the Peacocks: Jean de la Mote in the Household of Simon de Lille, 1340, R. French, The Use of Alfred of Shareshill's Commentary on the De plantis in University Teaching in the Thirteenth Century, M. Hanley, Courtiers and Poets: an International Network of Literary Exchange in Late Fourteenth-Century Italy, France and England, L.A. Smoller, Defining Boundaries of the Natural in Fifteenth-Century Brittany: The Inquest into the Miracles of Saint Vincent Ferrer (d. 1419), K.A. Kelly, Statutes of Rapes and Alleged Ravishers of Wives: A Context for the Charges Against Thomas Malory.