Book Series Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Mediaevalis, vol. 107

Jan van Ruusbroec

Opera omnia VII

Van den XII. Beghinen. De vera contemplatione

M. Kors (ed)

  • Pages: 325 p.
  • Size:155 x 245 mm
  • Language(s):Middle Dutch, Latin, English
  • Publication Year:2000

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-04071-4
  • Hardback
  • Available

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Ruusbroec (1293-1381) puts the Netherlands on the map of worldliterature. His greatness as a mystic author has been acknowledged internationally. His works contains eleven treatises and seven letters. There have been two editions of his work so far: one by J.-B.David (1858-1868) and one by the Ruusbroecgenootschap (1932-1934). Neither of these editions meets modern standards. Therefore a new critical edition was urgently needed. Of the ten volumes planned in this new edition, volume seven is the fifth to appear.The Middle Dutch text is based on a critical study of all manuscripts. Besides the Middle Dutch text the edition contains a new American-English translation and the Latin translation by L.Surius O.Carth. (1552). The edition of the Middle Dutch text is critically reconstructive. The text is accompanied by a variant apparatus, paleographic annotations, a textcritical commentary and a lemmatized vocabulary with localizations.The introduction sketches the historical circumstances in which each of the texts originated and outlines their contents. Finally it gives information about the manner of editing and about the manuscripts which contain the text in question.