Book Series Studies in Medieval and Early Renaissance Art History, vol. 52

The Cambridge Illuminations. The Conference Papers

  • Pages: 334 p.
  • Size:210 x 280 mm
  • Illustrations:283 b/w, 17 col.
  • Language(s):English, Italian
  • Publication Year:2007

  • ISBN: 978-1-905375-17-2
  • Hardback
  • Available


George Henderson, ‘Introduction’; Andrea Worm, ‘The Gospel Book in the Fitzwilliam Museum, MS McClean 21: Some New Aspects of the Artistic Relationship between the Meuse Valley, the Rhineland and Lower-Saxony’; Catherine Karkov, ‘Evangelist Portraits and Book Production in Anglo-Saxon England’; Stella Panayotova, ‘Tutorials with Slides for Thomas Becket’; Robert Scheller, ‘Wreath and Crown in Apocalypse Illustrations’; Martine Meuwese, ‘The Exploits of Alexander the Great in Trinity College’; Mary Rouse, ‘Keeping Up Appearances: CUL Gg.4.6, Roman de la rose’; Richard Rouse, ‘The Illuminator of Marie de St. Pol’s Breviary’; Spike Bucklow, ‘A Tale of Two Blues’; Kathleen Scott, ‘Manuscripts for Henry VII in Cambridge’; T.A. Heslop, ‘Manuscript Illumination at Worcester in 1055-1075’; William Schipper, ‘Sacred Cross Word Puzzles: Trinity College, Cambridge, MS B.16.3’; Lawrence Nees, ‘Between Carolingian and Romanesque in France: Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum, MS McClean 19 and its Relatives’; Gennaro Toscano, ‘Cristoforo Majorana e la miniature all’antica: a proposito di qualche codice conservato a Cambridge’; Jessica Berenbeim, ‘English Fourteenth-Century Pastoral Manuscripts’; Judith Oliver, ‘Te matrem laudamus: The Many Roles of Mary in Liège Psalter Hours in Cambridge’; Lilian Armstrong, ‘Venetian Incunables in Cambridge Collections: Modes of Hand-Illumination’; Anne-Marie Legaré, ‘New Elements on the Oettingen Library: Fitzwilliam MS 22’; Michael Michael, ‘Seeing in the Macclesfield Psalter and the Trinity Bede’; Margaret Manion, ‘Blending Private and Liturgical Prayer: MS 3-1954 at the Fitzwilliam Museum and Valois Patronage’; Nicholas Rogers, ‘From Eleanor of Castile to John Scott the Younger: Evidence for Illumination in Cambridge’; Patrick Zutshi, ‘The Provenance of the so-called Hours of Isabella of Aragon’; Roger Wieck, ‘The Primer of Claude de France and the Education of the Renaissance Child’; Lucy Sandler, ‘The Macclesfield Psalter’; William Noel, ‘W. de Brailes and the Illustration of the Psalter in Thirteenth-Century England’; Peter Jones, ‘Cambridge University Library MS Gg.1.1: Fancy Horse or Pack-mule?’; Eberhard König, ‘Angers Illumination in Cambridge (FM MSS 62, 39-1950)’; Alison Stones, ‘Some Secular Manuscripts in Cambridge Collections’