Book Series Studies and Texts, vol. 232

Henry Constable

The Complete Poems

María Jesús Pérez-Jáuregui (ed)

  • Pages: xxii + 454 p.
  • Size:152 x 229 mm
  • Illustrations:8 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2024

  • ISBN: 978-0-88844-232-1
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“Drawing on manuscript evidence previously unavailable, María Jesús Pérez-Jáuregui has produced an edition of the poems of Henry Constable that is clearly superior to Joan Grundy’s work published some fifty years ago. The volume should elicit re-evaluations of the verse of this late Elizabethan poet and a deeper understanding of his involvement in and response to the religious and political crises of his time.” — Arthur F. MarottiWayne State University

“This volume represents a signal achievement. The canon of Henry Constable, based on important, substantive sources unknown to earlier editors, is presented here more fully and accurately than anything currently available, and the individual poems are expertly glossed and annotated. María Jesús Pérez-Jáuregui’s edition becomes at once the standard text and the essential starting point for all further analysis of Constable as a poet.” — Steven W. MayEmory University


María Jesús Pérez-Jáuregui received her doctorate in 2014 and is currently an associate professor in the Department of English and North-American Literature at the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain. Her research focuses on early modern poetry, sonnet-writing in particular, and the influence of religion on literary works, with special regard to lesser-known authors. The poetry of Henry Constable has long been a focus of her work, and is exemplified in her contributions to journals such as SEDERIEnglish Studies, and Studies in Philology, as well as various collected volumes. Her most recent essay is devoted to the notion of grace and the rewriting of the poetic careers of Constable and Barnabe Barnes.


Elizabethan poet Henry Constable (1562–1613), a Protestant-born Catholic convert, was long dismissed as a minor poet, a Catholic traitor, or both, but his writings reveal unresolved tensions between the public and the private, hope and disillusion, the secular and the religious. This book offers a new comprehensive critical edition of Constable’s sonnets. Along with an updated biography and a study of the sonnet collections, the introduction provides an authoritative revision of the canon of Constable’s poetry and an overview of its critical reception.


Abbreviations, Sigla, and Notes


Chapter One
Henry Constable: A Biographical Account

Chapter Two
The Amatory and Dedicatory Sonnets

Chapter Three
The Spiritual Sonnets

Chapter Four
Henry Constable and the Sonnet Form

Chapter Five
The Critical Reception of Constable’s Poetry

Chapter Six
The Present Edition

Henry Constable
The Poems
Explanatory Notes
Bibliographical Description of Main Textual Sources

Appendix A: Two Anonymous Sonnets from T Dedicated to Constable
Appendix B: Arrangement of the Secular Sonnets in All Sources
Appendix C: Headings and Arrangement of the Spiritual Sonnets in the Two Manuscripts

Index of Manuscripts
Index of First Lines with Regularized Spelling
General Index