Book Series Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Mediaevalis, vol. 103

Jan van Ruusbroec

Opera omnia III

Die geestelike brulocht. De ornatu spiritualium nuptiarum

J. Alaerts (ed)

  • Pages: 728 p.
  • Size:155 x 245 mm
  • Language(s):Middle Dutch, Latin, English
  • Publication Year:1988

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-04031-8
  • Hardback
  • Available

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"For scholars of Ruusbroec’s thought and works, this is quite simply the edition to use."

John van Engen on Die geestelike brulocht in: Speculum, October 1991, p. 947


"Der neuen, kritischen ‘Brulocht’-Ausgabe kommt in der Geschichte der Mystiker-Editionen ein ungewöhnlich hoher Rang zu."

Kurt Ruh on Die geestelike brulocht in: Leuvense Bijdragen, 79 (1990), p. 321


"… su obra Ornatus ha encontrado un editor competente, y una edición que deberá necesariamente ser tenida en cuenta."

Fortunato Antolín on Die geestelike brulocht in: Revista de espiritualidad, 48 (1989), p. 324


For a medieval man, Jan van Ruusbroec lived exceptionally long: from 1293 to 1381, an extremely troubled period of European history.

ln 1317 Ruusbroec was ordained a priest and for a quarter of a century will lead the modest life of a St. Gudule chaplain. In this Brussels period, Ruusbroec writes his first works.

Ruusbroec consecrates the almost forty years spent in Groenendaal to that which he regarded already in Brussels as the religious mission of the times: he himself leads a life of prayer and he helps others also to discover spiritual "taste". So, he writes books. But he also keeps up a number of personal contacts. His personal influence reaches quite a bit farther than Brussels or Brabant.

With Ruusbroec the Netherlands penetrate into the world-literature. His greatness as a mystic author is universally acknowledged. There was, however, no definitive critical edition of his works. The present edition of the Opera Omnia, which will include eleven treatises and seven letters, fills up this gap.

Die Geestelike Brulocht (The Spiritual Espousals) is the second treatise of Jan van Ruusbroec. He wrote it in Brussels, in "genuine Brussels Dutch", with a view to the greatest need of the faithful - inner life - and in order to strengthen them against the fallacies and practices of the "Free Spirit". The Espousals is generally viewed as the masterpiece of this. mystic of Brabant. Its structure is particularly admirable.


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