Open Access Books

If you choose to publish a ‘Gold’ Open Access book with Brepols, the final typeset version (or Version of Record) will be made available for free on our BrepolsOnline platform and you can share it freely from the day of publication onwards. The text will be made available under a Creative Commons license in order to facilitate its re-use. A print version of your book will still be available for purchase.


When you publish a volume as ‘Gold’ Open Access, we charge a fee, known as a Book Processing Charge (BPC), which is designed to cover the cost of our publishing services. As a publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences, we understand that budgets are often limited. We are therefore committed to keeping the cost of these charges both low and viable, and our fees are among the fairest in the industry. This is possible because we do not expect the fee that you pay to cover our full investment in your text; we still produce a print version of your volume and rely on print sales to cover additional costs. For a standard research monograph or edited volume, the following rates apply:

Fewer than 100,000 words5000 EUR
100 000 – 150,000 words5000–7000 EUR
150,000 – 250,000 words7000–10,000 EUR
Over 250 000 words> 10,000 EUR

* All fees are excl. VAT
** These fees only apply to standard books. Books not considered as standard include those featuring many images requiring a high-quality reproduction (typically titles in archaeology and art history), or (critical-) text editions, handbooks, or reference works. Titles published under the Corpus Christianorum & Harvey Miller imprints are also excluded from these estimations. In these cases, we invite authors to contact the appropriate Publishing Manager to discuss fees further

Please note that these fees are indicative; fees will be calculated for each individual title based on the number of words and images, and the production services and investment required. For a specific quotation, we kindly ask you to contact the appropriate Publishing Manager.

If you do not have funding available to cover the fees for ‘Gold’ Open Access, we invite you to discover our cost-free ‘Green’ Open Access self-archiving policy. For any general questions regarding our fees, we invite you to contact:


At Brepols we pride ourselves on combining the craftmanship of traditional book publishing with opening up new frontiers in Open Access Publishing. We provide the same services for every publication, including our Open Access volumes. We offer authors:

  • Dedicated editorial support from both an experienced academic Editorial Board and a designated Publishing Manager at every step of the publication process;
  • Qualitative, rigorous peer review;
  • Manuscript preparation services, including manuscript review, technical editing and templating, copyediting;
  • Professional typesetting;
  • High-quality printing & digital publishing on BrepolsOnline and other leading platforms (e.g., DOAJ/DOAB);
  • Guaranteed permanent access and archiving of the digital version of your text through Portico;
  • Worldwide physical distribution and online dissemination;
  • Worldwide specialized marketing and targeted commercial initiatives;

Some services may incur additional charges depending on their level of complexity.


As the author, you will retain the full copyright on your work, which we will publish under a Creative Commons license. We recommend either the CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-ND license. Please discuss with your Publishing Manager if you or your funding body require an alternative license. An additional fee may apply. More information about Creative Commons licenses can be found here.


It is possible to publish an individual chapter as ‘Gold’ Open Access in a book that otherwise follows a traditional print model. In such cases, the chapter fee will be calculated based on the proportion of the chapter to the total manuscript and the expected production cost. The published version of the chapter will be made freely available on our BrepolsOnline platform on the day of its publication under an open license. If you do not have access to funding in order to cover the fee, we invite you to discover our cost-free ‘Green’ Open Access self-archiving policy. For any general questions about fees, please don’t hesitate to get us touch with us at: .

Retroactive Open Access

If you wish to make your book or chapter Open Access after it is published, we kindly invite you to discuss possible options with the appropriate Publishing Manager.