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Late Antique and Early Islamic Central and West Asia

Editor: Khodadad Rezakhani
Publishing Manager: Rosie Bonté

Method of peer review
single-blind undertaken by (a) specialist member(s) of the Board or (an) external specialist(s)

Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, Caucasus, Late Antiquity, Early Islam, Islamic History, West Asia, 400-800 CE

Accepted Language(s):
English, French


This series offers a close focus on the often-neglected history of Central and West Asia in the first millennium AD. While late antique and early medieval periods in Europe and the Near East have long been the subject of scholarly study, until now relatively little attention has been paid to the regions further east — namely Sasanian and Post-Sasanian Iran and Iraq, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Taking this geographical expanse as its focus, this timely series aims to address the imbalance in scholarship by placing a spotlight on Central and West Asia during the 'long' first millennium, from the turn of the first century to c. AD 1000 and beyond, up to the advent of the Mongols. Proposals are invited for both monographs and thematic edited collections that explore the history, material culture, and society of this region during the Late Antique and early Islamic period, with the aim of driving forward research in this region and bringing results to a new and international audience.


    General Editor
    Khodadad Rezakhani, Universiteit Leiden

    Editorial Board

    Ahab Bdaiwi, Universiteit Leiden
    Kevin van Bladel, Yale University
    Touraj Daryaee, University of California, Irvine
    Shervin Farridnejad, Universität Hamburg
    Simcha Gross, University of Pennsylvania
    Robert Haug, University of Cincinnati
    Betty Hansellek, Cornell University
    Ani Honarchian, Saint Louis University, Missouri
    Albert De Jong, Universiteit Leiden
    Nina Mazhjoo, Concordia University
    Stephen Rapp, Sam Houston State University
    Alison Vacca, University of Tennessee
    Philip Wood, Aga Khan University, London


    Main language: English

    Additional languages: French, German

    Single-blind undertaken by (a) specialist member(s) of the Board or (an) external specialist(s)

    All volumes in this series are evaluated by an Editorial Board, strictly on academic grounds, based on reports prepared by referees who have been commissioned by virtue of their specialism in the appropriate field. The Board ensures that the screening is done independently and without conflicts of interest. The definitive texts supplied by authors are also subject to review by the Board before being approved for publication.

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