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Medieval and Renaissance Court Cultures

Editor: Trinity College Dublin
Publishing Manager: Guy Carney
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ISSN 2565-8077

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This inter- and multidisciplinary series focuses on the rich diversity of European medieval and Renaissance court culture. Books in this series look, for example, at the life and/or works of writers, artists, historiographers and others who are specifically attached to the court. The series also examines courtly traditions (chivalric code, ceremonies, spectacle, etc.) and literary and artistic representations of the court.


    Editorial Board:
    Chief Editor: Sarah Alyn Stacey, Trinity College, Dublin
    Gerald Morgan, Trinity College Dublin
    Pauline Smith, University of Hull
    John Law, University of Swansea
    Pam Williams, University of Hull
    Bénédicte Boudou, Paris VIII
    David Scott-McNab, University of Leeds
    Steven Rigby, University of Leeds

    Advisory Board:
    Margaret McGowan, University of Sussex
    Robert Knecht, University of Birmingham
    Alcuin Blamires, Goldsmiths, University of London
    Judith Bryce, University of Bristol
    Alan Deighton, University of Hull
    Anthony Lappin, University of Manchester
    William Marx, University of Wales, Lampeter
    Andrew Hiscock, University of Wales, Bangor