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Aegyptologica Pisana

Distinguished Studies in Egyptology

Editors: Marilina Betrò Gianluca Miniaci
Publishing Manager: Rosie Bonté

Method of peer review
double-blind undertaken by (a) specialist member(s) of the Board or (an) external specialist(s)

Egyptology, textual studies, hieroglyphic, history, archaeology, Prehistory, ancient Nubia, ancient Egypt, Coptic, Sudan, Libya, Greece, Italy, Mediterranean, Near East, 4000 BC-4th century AD

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The University of Pisa, home to the world’s oldest university chair of Egyptology and long-established as a major centre for Egyptological studies, has launched a new and distinguished series to promote and disseminate the latest trends and debates in Egyptology and Nubiology. The series encourages cutting-edge research and opens up new intra- and interdisciplinary discussions by offering a particular focus on new methods and concepts, from cultural, socioeconomic and political theories, to archaeological, archaeometric, and anthropological approaches. The geographical scope of research in this series includes ancient Egypt, Sudan and adjacent areas (extending from Libya down to the Horn of Africa), and it covers a chronological period stretching from Prehistory to early Late Antiquity (c. 4000 BC–400 AD). The series encourages research that engages with these areas from different angles: from texts to literature, from museum studies to material culture, from archaeometry to landscape archaeology, and from history to anthropology.


    Main Language: English

    Additional languages: French, German, and Italian

    Double-blind undertaken by a specialist member of the Board or an external specialist

    All volumes in this series are evaluated by an Editorial Board, strictly on academic grounds, based on reports prepared by referees who have been commissioned by virtue of their specialism in the appropriate field. The Board ensures that the screening is done independently and without conflicts of interest. The definitive texts supplied by authors are also subject to review by the Board before being approved for publication

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