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Thesaurus formarum totius latinitatis a Plauto usque ad saeculum XXum

Cetedoc Index of Latin Forms

Publishing Manager: Tim Denecker
Imprint: BREPOLiS (online)
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Latin Word-forms from the Beginnings until the Twentieth Century. The Thesaurus Formarum (TF-CILF) allows the user to observe the variety of uoces latinae from the beginnings of Latin literature to the present, across periods, centuries, authors and works.

An immense body of texts - which today comprises almost 63 million word-forms - beginning with Plautus and coming right to the present day offers the researcher an insight into the whole development of Western culture. Researchers can achieve rapid and reliable responses to questions on the history of Latin vocabulary from Antiquity through the Early Church period and the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the present day.

This 'treasure-trove for the Latin language' brings together huge numbers of word-forms and attestations which a conventional dictionary could not provide. It fills in the gaps in dictionaries, corrects their errors, and even supplies new word-forms. For the first time a reference to the century concerned is provided for each attestation of a word.

Each attestation can be observed in a supplementary printed volume, the four columns of which present the frequencies according to the four principal chronological periods (Antiquity - the period of the Church Fathers - the Middle Ages - the Neo-Latin period): single occurences of words and gaps easily spring to light. This allows comparative analyses to be undertaken.

In several respects the Thesaurus Formarum (TF-CILF) is the reference tool par excellence with regard to a study of Latin vocabulary. It is a reliable starting-point for carrying out research on text-editions and dictionaries, to study etymological or semantic questions in any of the languages - Romance, Germanic and other - that were influenced by Latin. The database therefore has an application in the historical study of European languages and can have a teaching as well as a research function.

The Thesaurus Formarum enables searching to be done both on normalised word-forms and all the different written historical forms included in this index of latin forms.

The Thesaurus Formarum is now integrated in the Cross-Database Searchtool (CDS) on the database platform BREPOLiS. The CDS is included in the database package Brepolis Latin Complete.