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Studies in the Archaeology & History of the Levant & Eastern Mediterranean

Editors: Hermann Genz Marc Lebeau
Publishing Manager: Rosie Bonté
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ISSN 2983-9556

Method of peer review
at least two single-blind reviews undertaken by a specialist member of the Board and/or external specialists

Southern Balkans, Egypt, Cilicia, Levant, Greece, Aegean, western and central Anatolia, From the lower Paleolithic to Alexander the Great

Accepted Language(s):
English, French

Accepts Contributions in Open Access


LEMA explores the archaeology and history of the Levant and the Eastern Mediterranean, including Northern Egypt and the North-Eastern African Coast, from the Lower Palaeolithic until the Hellenistic Period. This series aims to bring together regions that have traditionally been treated as separate entities by different disciplines, but that from at least the Bronze Age onwards were in fact closely linked —connections attested to not only by material culture but also through the exchange of ideas and technology transfer. Covering archaeology, history, and cognate disciplines, LEMA welcomes both studies of individual sites within the geographical and chronological boundaries, as well as synthetic overviews covering smaller parts of the study area. Studies focusing on interregional contacts within the Eastern Mediterranean (and beyond) are particularly welcome. Together with its companion series ARATTA, ARAXES, OXUS, and SUBARTU, LEMA forms part of the ARWA collection associated with the International Association for Archaeological Research in Western & Central Asia.


    General Editors Hermann Genz, American University of Beirut
    Marc Lebeau, European Centre for Upper Mesopotamian Studies, Brussels

    Advisory Board

    Frank BRAEMER, CNRS, UMR 7264, Nice
    Isabella CANEVA, Università del Salento, Lecce
    Peter M. FISCHER, University of Gothenburg
    Raphael GREENBERG, Tel Aviv University
    Eric GUBEL, Royal Museums of Art & History, Brussels
    Maria IACOVOU, University of Cyprus, Nicosia
    Karin KOPETZKY, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna
    Ourania KOUKA, University of Cyprus, Nicosia
    Michel AL-MAQDISSI, Département des antiquités orientales, Louvre, Paris
    Pierre DE MIROSCHEDJI, CNRS, UMR 7041, Nanterre
    Mirko NOVÁK, Universität Bern
    John K. PAPADOPOULOS, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA, Los Angeles
    Vasıf ŞAHOĞLU, Ankara Üniversitesi
    Karin SOWADA, Macquarie University, Sydney
    Aslihan YENER (Emerita) University of Chicago / Koç Üniversitesi, Istanbul
    Sireen EL-ZAATARI, Eberhard-Karls-University, Tübingen


    Main Language: English, French,

    Additional Languages: German

    Single-blind undertaken by (a) specialist member(s) of the Board or (an) external specialist(s)

    All volumes in this series are evaluated by an Editorial Board, strictly on academic grounds, based on reports prepared by referees who have been commissioned by virtue of their specialism in the appropriate field. The Board ensures that the screening is done independently and without conflicts of interest. The definitive texts supplied by authors are also subject to review by the Board before being approved for publication.