Journal Revue d’Études Augustiniennes et Patristiques, vol. 42/1

Revue des Etudes Augustiniennes 1996 42/1

  • Pages: 211 p.
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  • Language(s):French
  • Publication Year:1996

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    The Revue d'Études Augustiniennes et Patristiques presents the progress of scholarship in the areas concerning Early Christianity and the Early Middle Ages: history, literature, philology, Bible exegesis, archaeology, iconography, philosophy and theology. It gives pride of place to the work of Augustine, its sources and its later influence. It publishes each year a systematic list of critical reviews on Augustine. The Revue is also open to studies on other Latin Fathers and articles on the Greek Fathers are also carried. Movements such as Gnosticism or Manichaeism are not neglected. Since 1995 each article has been summarized in English and French.

    E. Schulz-Flügel, Tertullian und das "zweite Geslecht", F. Dolbeau, Un poème philosophique de l'Antiquité tardive: De pulchritudine mundi, D. Shanzer, Pears before Swine: Augustine, Confessions 2.4.9, J.-B. Clerc, Theurgicalegibus prohibita: A propos de l'interdiction de la théurgie, R. Etaix, Catéchèse inédite sur Ephpheta, B. Studer, Die patristische Exegese, eine Aktualisierung der Heiligen Schrift, F. García Jurado, La revolucíon indumentaria de la antegüedad tardía, Su reflejo en la lengua latina, N. Duval, Architecture et liturgie.