Journal Almagest, vol. 7/1

Almagest, International journal for the History of Scientific Ideas, 2016/1

The Inscriptions of the Antikythera Mechanism

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2016

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    “(…) fondamentale lavoro (…)” (Anna Toscano, in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2017.03.11)

    “The Inscriptions of the Antikythera Mechanism is a thorough study (...) it is well written and has a clear structure. Given the importance of the Antikythera mechanism, the book is a significant contribution to the history of science, and its findings shed new light on questions that have thus far remained unanswered.” (Teun Koetsier, in ISIS, 108/3, 2017)

    "Overall, the volume may be regarded as the edition princeps of the inscriptions of the Antikythera Mechanism in so far as it provides what are regarded as the most plausible readings of the fragmentary inscriptions (…) there is no doubt that we are deeply indebted to the AMRG for the presentation of all the data in this remarkable volume.” (Robert Hannah, in Aestimatio: Critical Reviews in the History of Science, 13, 2016-2018, p. 4-8)



    This special edition of the Almagest journal investigates the surviving text inscriptions on the Antikythera Mechanism. The structure of the mechanism and the history of the reading of the inscriptions are briefly reviewed. The methods used by the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project to image the inscriptions - computed tomography and polynomial textual mapping - are outlined. The layout of the inscriptions is described, and the dimensions of the mechanism deduced to allow the space available for inscriptions to be estimated. General conventions and notations are provided for the presentation of the inscriptions.


    The Inscriptions of the Antikythera Mechanism

    1. General Preface to the Publication of the Inscriptions

    Authors: : M. Allen, W. Ambrisco, M. Anastasiou, D. Bate, Y. Bitsakis, A. Crawley, M.G. Edmunds, D. Gelb, R. Hadland, P. Hockley, A. Jones, T. Malzbender, X. Moussas, A. Ramsey, J.H. Seiradakis, J. M. Steele, A.Tselikas and M. Zafeiropoulou.

    2. Historical Background and General Observations

    Author: A. Jones

    3. The Front Dial and Parapegma Inscriptions

    Authors: Y. Bitsakis and A. Jones

    4. The Back Dial and Back Plate Inscriptions

    Authors: M. Anastasiou, Y. Bitsakis, A. Jones, J. M. Steele and M. Zafeiropoulou

    5. The Back Cover Inscription

    Authors: Y. Bitsakis and A. Jones

    6. The Front Cover Inscription

    Authors: M. Anastasiou, Y. Bitsakis, A. Jones, X. Moussas, A.Tselikas and M. Zafeiropoulou.