Book Series Meletemata, vol. 83

Corcyra. A City at the Edge of Two Greek Worlds

Selene E. Psoma

  • Pages:2 vols, 747 p.
  • Size:170 x 240 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2022

  • ISBN: 978-960-7905-97-0
  • Paperback
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The current monograph on Corcyrean history has the aim of offering a synthesis on the history of the island from the time of the Liburnian tribe of the Kerkyres, after which the island was named, to the end of the ancient world and the destruction of the temples of the Greek gods by Ιοβιανός, the local episkopos. For this reason, it takes into consideration all available evidence deriving from Greek and Latin literary sources, epigraphic documents, Corcyrean coinage and archaeological excavations on the island of Corcyra. All aspects of Corcyrean history are discussed: the geography of the island, the relations with Corinth, Athens, the kings of Epirus and, finally, the Romans, its position in the international politics, the numerous staseis, its institutions, the Corcyrean navy, the island’s legendary background and religious life, its coinage and numismatic policy. Prosopography, onomastics and name-giving practices are also discussed as well as Corcyrean society. Finally, different readings of some significant events of Greek history involving Corcyra are discussed: Corcyrean power, the Corcyreans at the sea battle of Salamis, Corcyra and the network of Corinthian colonies in the North West, the beginning of the Peloponnesian War and the real causes of this war, Corcyra during the Peloponnesian War, insularity, geographic position and their impact on the history and shaping of identity of the city-island…

The first volume analyzes its geographical location, history, economy and monetary policy (chs I-XII), institutions, legendary background, identity and religious life (chs XIII, XIV, XV). The second volume studies Corcyrean prosopography (XVI), onomastics (XVII) and society (XVIII). This volume also contains lists of names, three Appendices, bibliography and different indices, plates depicting coins of Corcyra, and a map of the island.