Book Series Monumenta Palaeographica Medii Aevi : Series Hispanica : Corpus Inscriptionum Hispaniae..., vol. 1.1

Zamora. Coleccion epigrafica

M. Gutiérrez Alvarez (ed)

  • Pages: 206 p.
  • Size:305 x 440 mm
  • Language(s):Spanish
  • Publication Year:1997

  • ISBN: 978-84-7719-588-7
  • Hardback
  • Available


The Series Hispanica has been launched with the publication of the first volume of the Corpus Inscriptionum Hispaniae Medievalium containing inscriptions from the province of Zamora. The paleographic, epigraphic and historiographic importance of these written monuments - the inscriptions- is obvious. In paleographic terms, the Zamora Corpus provides for the first time an uninterupted view of the development of capital script up to the 15th century, based on a series of photographs arranged according to types of script, an aspect of the history of writing which was neglected until now.