Book Series Convivium Supplementum, vol. 9

Royal Nunneries at the Center of Medieval Europe

Art, Architecture, Aesthetics (13th–14th Centuries)

Klára Benešovská, Tanja Michalsky, Daniela Rywiková, Elisabetta Scirocco (eds)

  • Pages: 165 p.
  • Size:210 x 270 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2022

  • ISBN: 978-80-280-0023-3
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  • ISBN: 978-80-280-0024-0
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"Building on the recent upsurge of scholarly interest in convent networks, this volume brings to the fore the overlapping interaction of networks, namely royal or aristocratic networks, religious networks, and artistic networks." (Mercedes Pérez Vidal, in SEHEPUNKTE, 23/7-8, 2023)



The contributions of this special issue – proceedings of the conference on royal nunneries that took place in Prague in July 2020 – focus on the monasteries connected to the ruling houses, which were endowed with special privileges and enriched by royal and aristocratic donations, often serving as instrumenta regni. They are introduced as active cultural hubs, stages for royal and courtly promotion, and places of personal and dynastic self-representation. This includes female monasteries, the agency of female élites in medieval society and their role as patrons and addressees of works of art.


Jakub Adamski, Pjotr Pajor
The Architecture of Poor Clares’ Nunnery in Stary Sącz and Early Fourteenth-Century Artistic Relations between Lesser Poland and Upper Rhineland

Angelica Federici
Rome, Barons and Nunneries 
Art, Architecture and Aesthetics in Convents in Medieval Latium

Jenny Vlček Schurr
Function and Faith: Revisiting the Role of Hospital, Church, and Chapel in the Convent of St. Francis, Prague

Giulia Rossi Vairo
Seeing Double in Odivelas
Nuns and Monks at the Monastery of St Dinis, a Royal Pantheon in Late Medieval Portugal

Susan Marti
Networking for Eternal Salvation? Agnes of Habsburg, Queen of Hungary and Co-Founder of Königsfelden 

Agnieszka Patała
The Medieval Furnishings of the Convent of Poor Clares in Breslau 

Eszter Konrád

'Helisabet filia Stephani regis ungarorum illustris' 
Image of a Saintly Nun of the Arpad Dynasty as Reflected in Hagiographic Sources

Michaela Zöschg
Beyond Naples. Fourteenth-Century Royal Widows and their Clarissan Foundations in a Trans-Regional Perspective