Book Series Studi e testi tardoantichi, vol. 24

Musico stilo

Aspects of the Poetry of Ennodius

Franca Ela Consolino

  • Pages: approx. 240 p.
  • Size:156 x 234 mm
  • Language(s):English, Latin
  • Publication Year:2024

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-61112-9
  • Paperback
  • Forthcoming (Aug/24)


The volume explores various aspects of the poetry of Ennodius, all of which relate to how he fits within the Latin literary tradition, primarily in poetic terms but also covering other aspects


Franca Ela Consolino is Professor Emerita of Latin language and literature at L’Aquila University. Her research focuses on literary, historical, and philological aspects of late antique and early Medieval Latin literature, with contributions on secular and Christian authors, literary genres and cultural milieus. She is also author of several essays dealing with the elaboration of episcopal and female sanctity models between Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages, and with the ideal behaviour of Christian rulers.


Since the end of the last century, Ennodius has been the object of increasing interest among scholars of late antiquity. Developments in Ennodian criticism are also addressed in this volume, that presents the results of more than twenty years of research on the relationship – always dialectical and not infrequently innovative – that Ennodius maintains as a poet with the Latin literary tradition, both profane and Christian. The chapters of the book revisit – in English and in one case with substantial modifications – eight of the author’s previously published papers on Ennodius, along with one unpublished contribution.

Areas that have been specifically investigated include the functions that he assigns to poetry compared to those he assigns to prose, his original re-treatment of some literary genres, and his thematic, stylistic, lexical and metric choices. The last chapter explores the literary influence exerted by Ennodius’ poetry on the text of his epitaph. The very fact that its unknown author – certainly a great admirer of the deceased – did his best to imitate his style is a significant testimony to the prestige that Ennodius enjoyed after his death in the diocese of Pavia of which he had been the bishop



Prose and Poetry in Ennodius
The Dictio for Epiphanius (carm. I. 9)
The Dictio Ennodi Diaconi quando de Roma rediit (carm. I. 6)

The Literary Genres: Tradition and Innovations
Ennodius and the Epithalamium. Carm. I. 4 for Maximus
Ennodius and Panegyric Poetry. A Eulogy and a Request: carm. I. 2 for Eugenes
Ennodius and Travel Poetry: the Itinerarium Brigantionis Castelli (carm. I. 1)
Ennodius and Funerary Poetry: the Two Epitaphs for Cynegia. A Variation on the Theme?

The Classics and the Bible
Pagan and Christian Echoes in the Epitaph of Victor, Bishop of Novara. An Exegesis of carm. II. 95
The Classics and the Bible. A Reference to Job in carm. I. 9. 21-24?

Post busta superstes
Ennodius in his Epitaph

List of Abbreviations
List of the Ancient Authors and Works