Journal Journal of Urban Archaeology, vol. 9 (2024)

Journal of Urban Archaeology 9 (2024)

Making Place in the Ancient City

  • Pages: approx. 220 p.
  • Size:216 x 280 mm
  • Illustrations:12 b/w, 56 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2024




    A classic but underappreciated element of urban studies, the concept of ‘place-making’ provides a lens through which we can explore the very diverse, highly-complex, and interwoven layers of meaning invested in a form of settlement characterized by density and diversity — in other words, ‘the city’. In antiquity, urban space was a relatively scarce but nonetheless potent resource that was negotiated among stakeholders from across different social classes, each of whom had their own images and experiences of the city, their own points of navigation, and their own — often fluctuating — urban space. This special issue of the Journal of Urban Archaeology seeks to understand the dynamics of place-making in ancient contexts, and the many levels and locations of agency that were involved in tailoring urban space. The contributions examine varying strategies deployed in urban environments, ranging from the Hittite world to Phoenicia, Asia Minor, Rome, and Pompeii, with a close reading of sources that allow voices otherwise unheard to materialize in different ways. Taken together, these articles show the value of place-making as an analytical tool for archaeologists studying both the spatial and social dynamics of the ancient urban world.


    List of Illustrations

    0. Placing Space, Shaping Cities, and Making History in the Ancient Classical World
    Rubina Raja and Søren M. Sindbæk

    1. Making Place in the Ancient City
    Asuman Lätzer-Lasar and Christina G. Williamson

    2. Thick Places: Urban Place-Making in the Hittite Empire
    Müge Durusu-Tanrıover

    3. Inside the Phoenician City: The Spatial and Ideological Functions of Sanctuaries in the Process of Urban Placemaking: Three Case Studies
    Giuseppe Garbati

    4. Making Place with the Divine: Urban Place-Making in Sacred Landscapes in the Graeco-Roman World
    Christina G. Williamson

    5. The ‘Place’ of Urban Wineries and Oileries in the Greek and Roman World
    Emlyn Dodd and Dimitri van Limbergen

    6. United Professionally beyond Death: Community Building and Social Cohesion through the Place-Making of Urban Tombs in Rome
    Asuman Lätzer-Lasar

    7. Control through Construction: Managing Opposition in the Roman Forum
    Penelope J. E. Davies 

    8. Place-Making and Sacred Springs in Ancient Rome
    Alexandra Creola

    9. Place-Making at Pompeii: Inscribing Practices and Spatial Strategies in an Ancient City
    Peter Keegan