Book Series Corpus Fontium Manichaeorum – Analecta Manichaica, vol. 3

Varia Manichaica

Enrico Morano, Samuel N.C. Lieu (eds)

  • Pages: ix + 289 p.
  • Size:210 x 297 mm
  • Illustrations:4 b/w, 120 col.
  • Language(s):English, French, German
  • Publication Year:2024


Turfan texts in Sogdian and Uygur and also studies covering topics such as cosmogony, hymnology and manuscript illumination are published for the first time in this volume.


This volume brings together the works of some of the best known and most established scholars in Gnostic and Manichaean studies, Iranologists and art historians. It contains two important and indispensable catalogues of Turfan texts and also studies covering topics such as cosmogony, hymnology and manuscript illumination. A number of Turfan texts in Sogdian and Uygur are published here for the first time.


Editors and contributors

Sergio BASSO, Manichaean fragments related to the ‘Barlaam and Ioasaph saga’
Adam BENKATO, A Fragment of an Iranian Manichaean ‘Oral Tradition’
Fernando BERMEJO-RUBIO, Mani as a paradigm of the Manichaean Church in the Cologne Mani Codex
Şehnaz BIÇER and Betül ÖZBAY, The Lotus illustration in a Manichaean manuscript
Iris COLDITZ, Strategies for success. Manichaeism under the early Sasanians
Desmond DURKIN-MEISTERERNST, An update of Boyce's Catalogue of Manichaean Middle Persian and Parthian 
Eduard IRICINSCHI, How Do Wisdom, Law, and Revelation a Religion Make? Appropriation and Displacement in the ‘Chapters of the Wisdom of My Lord Mani’
Samuel N.C. LIEU, A catalogue of the Uygur Manichaean texts 
Enrico MORANO, Uygur in the Manichaean Sogdian texts in Manichaean script from the Berlin Turfan Collection 
Nicholas SIMS-WILLIAMS, The “seven adversities” in a Manichaean Sogdian hymn
Michel TARDIEU, La métaphore de l’auberge
Peter ZIEME, Worte für die Seele”. Altuigurische manichäische Fragmente with an appendix by Yutaka YOSHIDA