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Music in the Carolingian World

Witnesses to a Metadiscipline, Essays in Honor of Charles M. Atkinson

Graeme Boone (ed)

  • Pages: 455 p.
  • Size:178 x 254 mm
  • Illustrations:33 b/w, 12 col., 19 tables b/w., 23 musical examples
  • Language(s):English, French
  • Publication Year:2023

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-60330-8
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A collection of essays on early-medieval music, considered as a grand arena of practice, study, and reflection.


Graeme M. Boone is a professor of music at the Ohio State University, specializing in later medieval music and twentieth-century popular music.


Music in the Carolingian World stems from a conference honoring the career and wide-ranging research of Prof. Charles M. Atkinson, leading scholar in early-medieval studies and author of the award-winning monograph, The Critical Nexus (2010). The volume brings together seventeen essays to explore the broad ramifications of music as an arena of study in early-medieval culture; taken together, they manifest the status of music not just as a field of research, but as a metadiscipline that embraces numerous fields and specializations in medieval studies, including philosophy, theology, literature, philology, paleography, liturgy, education, political and institutional history, as well as the practice, theory, and transmission of chant and related musical repertories. The essays are grouped into the four thematic categories of Verbum, Numerus, Ars, and Cultus, bookended by three keynote essays that touch in different ways on the theme of metadisciplinarity.


Preface — Graeme M. Boone

Prolegomena — Charles M. Atkinson


Virgil and Music in the Carolingian World —  Jan M. Ziolkowski

Glimpses of Carolingian Latin Song: A Laon Verse Collection Reconsidered — Sam Barrett

Resonet coram te rex: Reflections on the Role of the King in Early Proses and Tropes — Gunilla Iversen


Musica ex numeris Michel Huglo†, edited and translated by Barbara Haggh-Huglo; appendices by Manuel Pedro Ferreira and Barbara Shailor

Symbolic and Rhetorical Use of Numbers in Arabic and Hebrew Writings on Music — Amnon Shiloah

Medieval Readings of the Division of the World Soul (Timaeus 35b–36b) in Latin Philosophical Commentaries — Béatrice Bakhouche

Keynote 1

Placing Music in Carolingian Monastic Culture — Patrick J. Geary


The Liberal Arts and Study of the Bible in the Carolingian Age — David Ganz

The Ars musica in Glosses and Commentary Traditions from the Carolingian Period — Mariken Teeuwen

“Let Schools be Established …” For What? The Meaning of Admonitio generalis, cap. 70 (olim 72) John J. Contreni

Les plus anciens témoins des notations françaises conservés dans les collections de la Bibliothèque nationale de France — Marie-Noël Colette

To Speak Well and to Sing Wisely: Liturgical Chant and Carolingian Correctio Susan Rankin

The Poet as Historian: Walahfrid Strabo on the Shaping of Office Repertory — Felix Heinzer

The Responsories of Easter Week: On the Development of the Office Antiphoner in the Ninth Century — Andreas Pfisterer

Textual and Melodic Variance in Carolingian Chant  — Rebecca Maloy

Keynote 2

The Meta-Nexus Underlying Disciplina musica  Calvin M. Bower

Bio-Bibliography of Charles M. Atkinson

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