Book Series Acta Scandinavica, vol. 14

Sweden, Russia, and the 1617 Peace of Stolbovo

Arne Jönsson, Arsenii Vetushko-Kalevich (eds)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2023

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-60100-7
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The editors, Professor Arne Jönsson and Dr. Arsenii Vetushko-Kalevich, of Lund University, are specialised in  Early modern Latin and cultural studies.


In 1617, after seven years of war between Sweden and Russia and talks facilitated by English and Dutch diplomats, the peace treaty of Stolbovo was signed. This important but little-studied document was to form the basis for relationships between Sweden and Russia for the next one hundred years, before it was replaced by the Peace of Nystad in 1721, and it had a huge influence on the lives of the people who lived in the region.

This wide-ranging volume draws together contributions by scholars from Britain, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Russia, and Finland to offer new insights into, and analysis of this peace treaty and its impact on the wider region during the seventeenth century. Covering disciplines including political and economic history, church history, and Slavonic and Classical philology, the chapters gathered here shed new light on, and provide a new understanding of, the Early Modern period in the Baltic Sea area.


List of Illustrations

Arne Jönsson and Arsenii Vetushko-Kalevich

Arne Jönsson and Arsenii Vetushko-Kalevich

Stolbovo in Perspective. Jacobean Diplomacy in the Baltic Region, 1589–1618
Steve Murdoch

The Dutch Republic, Sweden, and Moscow.The Dream of the Russian Market
Kristian Gerner

Cartographic Knowledge and Geographic Ignorance. Karelia and the Cap of the North in the Swedish Imagination around 1600
Stefan Troebst

The Stolbovo Treaty and Tracing the Border in Ingria in 1617–1618
Adrian Selin

The Symbolic Uses of the Early Modern Russo-Swedish Border
Alexander Tolstikov

Ryssgården. The Russian Factory in Stockholm in the Seventeenth Century
Elisabeth Löfstrand

The Treaty of Stolbovo and Tallinn’s Customs Rental Agreement (1623–1629)
Enn Küng

Influence of the Peace of Stolbovo on Estonia and Livonia

Ülle Tarkiainen

Ingria as a Swedish Province in the Seventeenth Century
Kasper Kepsu

The Treaty of Stolbovo and Its Impact on Narva’s Urban Development
Stefan Herfurth

Petitions, Letters, Wills, and Receipts. A First Road Map to The King’s Russian-Writing Subjects in Swedish Ingria, 1617–1656
Alexander I. Pereswetoff-Morath

The Mosaic of Knowledge about Muscovy in Sweden in the Great Power Era
Kari Tarkiainen

Superstitious Christians. Lutheran Views on the Russian Orthodox Church in the Swedish Great Power Era

David Gudmundsson

The Peace of Stolbovo as Reflected in the De la Gardie Archives. Some Manuscript Examples

Per Stobaeus

Historia Vladislai by Stanisław Kobierzycki as a Source of Historia Belli Sveco-Moscovitici by Johannes Widekindi
Arsenii Vetushko-Kalevich

The Treaty of Stolbovo. A Failure or Success of Russian Diplomacy? 
Gennady Kovalenko

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