Book Series Medieval Texts and Cultures of Northern Europe, vol. 34

Crusading and Ideas of the Holy Land in Medieval Britain

Kathryn Hurlock, Laura J. Whatley (eds)

  • Pages: viii + 265 p.
  • Size:156 x 234 mm
  • Illustrations:5 b/w, 20 col., 1 tables b/w.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2022

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-59388-3
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This new volume re-examines the role of crusading and contact with the Holy Land in medieval Britain, to investigate the myriad ways in which these contacts influenced artistic, literary, visual and social culture in medieval Britain.


“Hurlock and Whatley have reminded us how many crusading sources remain to be discovered, and how many new questions about the movement have yet to be asked. This collection deserves to find a wide readership and will surely inspire additional research into the long, complex history of Holy Land devotion and crusading in Britain.” (Katherine Allen Smith, in The Medieval Review, 16/05/2023)

“This book is an outstanding collection of work that approaches an old subject with new and refreshing perspectives, drawing the reader away from typical crusader geographies and back to the home front. The emphasis on the multifaceted experience of the Crusades means this work ties in with other exciting areas of medieval studies: the environment and emotions, cultural exchange, and the role of narrative. It is well edited, and each chapter contains a thorough bibliography and high-quality images to support the text. This collection will not only complement existing crusader scholarship but is also very accessible for those readers new to the field. It is a worthy addition to crusade scholarship.” (Ines Jahudka, in Parergon, 40/2, 2023, p. 230)

“Ultimately, Crusading and Ideas of the Holy Land in Medieval Britain will be useful to anyone interested in questions of patronage, memory construction, textual transmission, and iconography, as well as in medieval Britain and the crusades.” (Katherine L. Hodges-Kluck, in Journal of British Studies, 2024)


Dr. Kathryn Hurlock is Reader in Medieval History at Manchester Metropolitan University, and author of Wales and the Crusades, c. 1095-1291 and Medieval Welsh Pilgrimage c. 1100-1500.

Dr. Laura J. Whatley is Assistant Professor of Art History, Auburn University Montgomery, Alabama. She has written several articles on crusading in medieval British art, and is currently working on her first monograph on The Holy Land and Crusade in English Art and Imagination, c. 1100-1500.


Crusading and western interaction with the Holy Land is often a contentious topic, not least because modern popular perception of medieval east-west contact is that it was defined by violence, conquest, and religious persecution. Building on recent scholarship, this collection of essays takes an interdisciplinary approach to the role of crusading and contact with the Holy Land in medieval Britain in order to investigate the myriad ways in which these contacts influenced artistic, literary, visual, and social culture in medieval Britain. By looking at new material and focusing on the domestic response to crusading and the Holy Land, the contributions gathered here offer new insights into the influence of these contacts on the medieval British world view, as well as their impact on topics such as ideals about masculinity and kingship, geographical perception, and aspirational codes of conduct for the medieval British elite.


List of Illustrations Introduction. Ideas of Crusading and the Holy Land in Medieval Britain

Kathryn Hurlock and Laura J. Whatley

Chapter 1. (Visualising) Jerusalem in Early Medieval England

Meg Boulton

Chapter 2. Europe and the Holy Land in the British Branch of the Imago mundi Tradition

Natalia I. Petrovskaia

Chapter 3. Remembering and Mythologizing Richard. Translation and the Representation of the Crusader King in Latin and French Accounts of Richard I’s Expedition to the Holy Land

Marianne Ailes

Chapter 4. ‘As You Came from the Holy Land’. Medieval Pilgrimage to Walsingham and its Crusader Contexts

Elisa A. Foster

Chapter 5. Bodies or Buildings? Visual Translations of Jerusalem and Dynastic Memories in Medieval England

Laura Slater

Chapter 6. Family, Faith, and Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in Late and Post-Medieval Wales

Kathryn Hurlock

Chapter 7. Eleanor de Quincy and Imagined Crusading in the Lambeth Apocalypse (London, Lambeth Palace, MS 209)

Laura J. Whatley

Chapter 8. A Royal Crusade Chronicle. Visual Exempla in King Edward IV’s Royal Eracles (London, British Library, Royal MS 15 E I)

Erin K. Donovan

Chapter 9.  Refashioning Henry VIII as a Crusader King: Edward I, Crusading and Ideal Kingship in BL, Royal MS 18 XXVI

Katherine J. Lewis