Journal Convivium, vol. 7.1

Convivium 7.1 (2020)

A Hub of Art. In, Out, and Around Venice, 1177-1499

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2020

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58724-0
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    Convivium VII/1 (2020) focuses on Venice as extraordinary commercial and artistic clearinghouse during its rise and triumph as a cultural hub. Too often, the artistic development of Venice is seen as dependent exclusively on Constantinople and the Byzantine tradition. By emphasizing the role of Venice as a cultural hub, we would like to shift the focus onto the processes, opportunities and contexts that produced monuments and works of art, which reveal the intense cultural exchange fostered in the city by commerce and trade. The horizons of the artistic ambitions of Venice, a city at the center of a vast web, were wide: from Byzantium and the larger Mediterranean world to Northern Europe, Hungary, Austria, France, all the way to Spain and Portugal.


    Xenia Muratova – unvergesslich. Obituary by Peter Cornelius Claussen


    Herbert L. Kessler & Serena Romano — A Hub of Art. In, Out, and Around Venice, 1177–1499


    Simone Piazza — Mosaici d’oro nelle chiese di Venezia (IX–XIVsecolo). Luci sull’ingente patrimonio perduto

    Ludovico V. Geymonat & Lorenzo Lazzarini — A Nativity Cycle for the Choir Screen of San Marco, Venice

    Anne Dunlop — Mongol Eurasia in the trecento Veneto

    Andrea Missagia — Oreficerie veneziane a smalto traslucido (secoli XIV–XV). Immissioni, importazioni e produzioni locali, novità, continuità e abbandoni

    Michele Bacci — Greek Madonnas and Venetian Fashion