Book Series Music, Science and Technology, vol. 2

Music and the Second Industrial Revolution

Massimiliano Sala (ed)

  • Pages: xiv + 498 p.
  • Size:216 x 280 mm
  • Language(s):English, French, Italian
  • Publication Year:2019

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58571-0
  • Hardback
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The volume investigates how the Second Industrial Revolution changed the musical world of the time


“Taken as a whole, Music and the Second Industrial Revolution is not without interest; several of the chapters contain new information that will be of value to researchers in this area.” (Marco Ladd, in Notes, 78/3, 2022, p. 442)


MASSIMILIANO SALA is Vice President of the Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini (Lucca) and Secretary Treasurer of the Italian National Edition of Pietro Antonio Locatelli’s Complete Works. On the Board of the Scholarly Committees of the Italian National Edition of Muzio Clementi’s Complete Works and Italian National Edition of Luigi Boccherini’s Complete Works, he is a founder of Ad Parnassum Journal. His publications include writings on eighteenth- to twentieth-centuries music.


The Second Industrial Revolution, new industrial societies, and growing urbanization drastically changed the life of humankind at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This volume investigates how the articulated musical world of the time was influenced by industrialization, how urbanization and new forms of circulation affected everyday life, and how new possibilities of experiencing cities and their musical entertainments came to light. In which ways did new forms of circulation influence the life of theatres and concert halls, the growing of orchestras, and the related birth of new workers’ organizations? One section will be devoted to the development of the making of musical instruments, the related world of universal exhibitions, and music publishing. This volume also investigates new forms of mechanical reproduction in music, together with their many applications within society. Through the analysis of selected works, the volume also examines aesthetic perceptions of technological impact and its projections in an imaginary future.


Massimiliano Sala

New Urban Perspectives and Everyday Life

Jenny Nex Edinburgh’s Last International Exhibition and its Music
Étienne Jardin Une exposition musicale universelle. Palais du Trocadéro, 1878
João Silva Portugal, Mechanised Entertainment,  and the Second Industrial Revolution
Gloria Araceli Rodríguez-Lorenzo Arte y tecnología: el impacto de la Segunda Revolución Industrial en la vida musical de Madrid (1870-1923)
María Encina Cortizo – Ramón Sobrino Main Changes in the Spanish Way of Life after the Second Industrial Revolution: Images of Modernity through the ‘Género Chico’ (1870-1914)
Carmela Bongiovanni La musica nel sociale. Società di mutuo soccorso e musica in Italia (1850-1890 circa)

The Development of Instruments Making and Music Publishing

Malou Haine Données socio-économiques sur les facteurs français d’instruments de musique dans la documentation sur les expositions universelles du xixe siècle
Arnold Myers – Jenny Nex The Development of Industrial Brass Instrument Making in Britain
Francesco Carreras – Gianna Melloni La nascita dell’industria degli strumenti musicali a fiato a Milano tra Ottocento e Novecento
David Rowland Music Publishing in Britain ca. 1840-1900

The Impact on Theatrical Scene

Paolo Bolpagni Una nuova luce per il teatro: Mariano Fortuny e la sua ‘Cupola’
Jürgen Maehder Un ignoto libretto di fantascienza all’inizio del Novecento: L’utopia negativa nel libretto Il 3001 di Luigi Illica

Modernism, Reproduction and the Machine

Simone Ciolfi Alcuni aspetti del culto di Bach tra Ottocento e Novecento
Irene Comisso Musica e pionierismo aviatorio agli esordi del Novecento
Paulo F. de Castro Dionysian or Tectological? On the Cultural Meaning of the ‘Machine Music’ Topic in the Early Soviet Context
George Brock-Nannestad The Industrial Substitute for Live Music
Marita Fornaro Bordolli La mediatización de la música en el Uruguay de la Segunda Revolución Industrial
Emilio Audissino «Behold the Newest Technological Sensation! With Music!»: The Use of Music in the Silent Cinema

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