Book Series Byzantioς. Studies in Byzantine History and Civilization, vol. 15

The Literary Legacy of Byzantium

Editions, Translations, and Studies in Honour of Joseph A. Munitiz SJ

Bram Roosen, Peter Van Deun (eds)

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  • Language(s):English, French, Spanish
  • Publication Year:2019

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16 contributions in honour of the leading Byzantinist Father Joseph A. Munitiz and the 40th anniversary of the Corpus Christianorum, Series Graeca. They offer the honorand a diverse selection of critical editions, translations and studies of texts with a link to existing and future volumes of the Corpus Christianorum, Series Graeca.


Dr Bram Roosen is research associate at the KU Leuven (Belgium) and former editor of the Corpus Christianorum, Series Graeca.

Prof. dr Peter Van Deun is head of the Institute for Early Christian and Byzantine Studies (KU Leuven) and general director of the Corpus Christianorum, Series Graeca.


Nineteen scholars join forces to pay tribute to one of the leading scholars in Byzantine studies, Father Joseph A. Munitiz. As one of the founders of the Series Graeca of the Corpus Christianorum and because of his own exemplary work, Joe Munitiz had and has a lasting impact on the development of Byzantine studies. There is no better way to honour him and his work than to offer him a Festschrift with contributions that mimic his quality, passion, and curiosity.

The Festschrift contains several "firsts": the first English translation of Eustathius' Letter concerning the Two Natures against Severus, and the first critical editions (and studies) of an anonymous iambic canon on St John Chrysostom, of letter Z of the Etymologicum Symeonis, of some additions to letter A in the Florilegium Coislinianum, of a possible credo of Metrophanes of Smyrna, of a letter by Nicholas Pepagomenos to Gregory Palamas, and of Maximus Confessor's Tomos to Stephen of Dor against the Ekthesis.

The innovative studies in this volume deal with the Slavonic and Greek catenae on the Song of Songs, with Athanasius' Letter to Marcelinus, with an ascetic miscellany in a thirteenth-century Atheniensis, with the so-called 'First Chapter Titles' in the second recension of the Florilegium Coislinianum, with the date of composition of the Maximian Corpus, with Raimundus Lullus' knowledge of Byzantium, with the reception of the Catalogue of Inventors in Gregory of Nazianzus' fourth oratio, and with Titus of Bostra's polemic against the Manicheans.


Dedication by Charalambos Dendrinos

Joseph A. Munitiz, Autobiographical tesserae

List of publications of Joseph A. Munitiz

Pauline Allen, Eustathius, Letter concerning the Two Natures against Severus (CPG 6810): An English Translation

Theodora Antonopoulou, An Anonymous Iambic Canon on St John Chrysostom

Davide Baldi, Etymologicum Symeonis Ζ

Reinhart Ceulemans – Margaret Dimitrova, The Slavonic Catena also known as the "Commentary of Philo" and the Greek Catena Hauniensis on the Song of Songs

Barbara Crostini, Athanasius' Letter to Marcellinus as Psalter Preface

José H. Declerck, La prise de Jérusalem en 614 : les autorités, le peuple, les dèmes et le clergé

Eva De Ridder, An Ascetic Miscellany from the Late Thirteenth Century: the Atheniensis, Bibliothecae Nationalis 322

Tomás Fernández, El florilegio de los mss. F H en la letra Alfa del Florilegio Coisliniano

José Maksimczuk, The Transmission of the so-called ‘First Chapter Titles’ in the Second Recension of the Florilegium Coislinianum

Basile Markesinis, La date de la composition du "Corpus de S. Maxime le Confesseur" : nouvelles données

Juan Nadal Cañellas (†), Ramon Llull y el mundo Bizantino

Stefaan Neirynck – Peter Van Deun, Est-ce qu'on a découvert la profession de foi de Métrophane de Smyrne ?

Jennifer Nimmo Smith, The Reception of the "Catalogue of Inventors" in Gregory of Nazianzus' Sermon 4, 107-109 in Pseudo-Nonnus' Commentary on Sermon 4 and Beyond: An end or a beginning?

Paul-Hubert Poirier, Polémique antimanichéenne et controverse théologique : les combats d'un évêque du IVe siècle, Titus de Bostra

Antonio Rigo, La lettre de Nicolas Pépagoménos à Grégoire Palamas

Bram Roosen, A Dyothelite Florilegium in the Run-up to the Lateran Council (a. 649). Maximus the Confessor's Tomos to Stephen of Dor Against the Ekthesis [CPG 7697.15]

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