Journal Viator, vol. 50:3

Viator 50, No. 3 (2019)

  • Pages: vii + 343 p.
  • Size:178 x 254 mm
  • Language(s):English, French
  • Publication Year:2021

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58316-7
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    Special Section: Viator at Fifty

    Vale, Viator!

    Henry Ansgar Kelly

    Salve, Viator!

    Matthew Fisher

    Reflections on the CMRS and Medieval Studies at the Founding of Viator

    John Van Engen

    The Transformation of the Carolingian World

    Herwig Wolfram

    Colonialism and the Multicultural Turn in the Study of the Crusades

    Christopher MacEvitt

    Viatores: Images of Forced Migrants and Refugees, Medieval andContemporary

    Edward Peters


    Regular Essays

    Gothic Beowulf: King Alfred and the Northern Ethnography of the Nowell Codex

    Craig R. Davis

    Ars mechanica, the Work of Restoration, and poiesis in the Didascalicon of Hugh of Saint-Victor and the Allegories of Bernard Silvestris and Alan of Lille

    Anya Burgon

    William of Malmesbury’s Polyhistor: The Work of a Historian, an Antiquarian, or a Rambling Raconteur?

    John O. Ward

    The Passio Raginaldi of Peter of Blois: Martyrdom and Eschatology in the Preaching of the Third Crusade

    Alexander Marx

    From the End to the Beginning: Socrates as Iconoclast in Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿa and the Contestation of His Biography in Greek and Arabic Sources

    Glenn Maur

    Iniunctum est castellano: Auditing, Institutional Dialogue, and Administrative Accountability in Late Medieval Savoy

    Ionuţ Epurescu-Pascovici

    Trading Nobles and Ennobled Merchants: Trade as an Instrument for Social Promotion in the Kingdom of Aragon (14th–15th c.)

    Sandra de la Torre Gonzalo