Book Series Victorine Texts in Translation, vol. 7

Victorine Christology

Christopher P. Evans (ed)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2018

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“The translations in this volume are of a uniformly high standard, always attaining a level of clarity and sometimes elegance in the presentation of arguments (…) it helps make better known the dynamism of Victorine thought about Christ.” (Constant J. Mews, Clayton, in Francia-Recensio, 1, 2019)

“Here are two more substantial volumes of the invaluable Brepols series of Victorine Texts in Translation (…) These volumes, like others in the series, are the result of collaborative effort by their contributors. They maintain the excellent standards of the series, with comprehensive references and indexes accompanying readable and exact translations. As study aids and introductions to the Victorines they could hardly be bettered and experienced specialist scholars will find much of interest and importance in them too.” (G. R. Evans, in The Journal of Theological Studies, 70/2, 2019, p. 884-885)

“As such, the volume is an indispensable tool for all interested in Victorine intellectual thinking, as medieval scholars eagerly await the succeeding volumes of the series.” (Ritva Palmén, in The Medieval Review, 11/04//2020)


Christopher P. Evans teaches theology and is the Dean of Art & Sciences at the University of St. Thomas (Houston, Texas). His recent publications include Hildegardis Bingensis opera minora: Vita sancti Ruperti confessoris, Vita sancti Dysibodi episcopi, et Solutiones questionum xxxviii (2016); “Victorine Christology: A Theology of the Homo Assumptus” in A Companion to the Abbey of Saint Victor in Paris (2017), and Simon of Tournai, On the Incarnation of Christ: Institutiones in sacram paginam 7.1–67 (2017).


The Canons following the Rule of St Augustine at St Victor in Paris were some of the most influential religious writers of the Middle Ages. They combined exegesis and spiritual teaching in a theology that was deeply rooted in tradition but also attuned to current developments in the schools of Paris. The importance of Victorine Christology in this great age of theological speculation is unquestionable. The writings translated in this volume cover the foundational and maturing periods of Victorine Christology during the 1130s to the 1150s when Hugh of St Victor championed the paradigm of the “assumed man” (homo assumptus) and Robert of Melun advanced his Christology into the most comprehensive treatment in the twelfth century.





Christopher P. Evans, General Introduction

Hugh of St Victor: On the Wisdom of Christ's Soul
Introduction and translation by Joshua Benson

Hugh of St Victor: On Sacraments of the Christian Faith II.1.1-13
Introduction and translation by John Froula

Summa Sententiarum I.15-19
Introduction and translation by Joshua Benson

Achard of St Victor: Sermon 4: on the Resurrection
Introduction and translation by Hugh Feiss, OSB

Robert of Melun: Sentences II.2.42-67, 93-204
Introduction and translation by Christopher P. Evans

Bibliography, Index of scriptural references, Index of ancient and medieval authors, Subject index