Book Series Music, Criticism & Politics, vol. 2

Music and War in Europe from the French Revolution to WWI

Etienne Jardin (ed)

  • Pages: 467 p.
  • Size:210 x 270 mm
  • Illustrations:48 b/w, 30 tables b/w.
  • Language(s):English, French, Italian
  • Publication Year:2016

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-57032-7
  • Hardback
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This book investigates the relationship between music and war from the end of the XVIII century to WWI


“(…) the appearance of this book is timely, and will be of interest to both scholars and a general readership in providing much interesting and thought-provoking material in relation to music and war.” (Anastasia Belina, in War in History, 25/4, 2018, p. 581)


Étienne Jardin obtained a Ph.D. in history from the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (Paris). His research concerns musical life in France during the nineteenth century: concerts, music schools and lyric theatres. Co-founder and director of publication for the eletronic journal "Transposition. Musique et sciences sociales" (2010), he is now in charge of publications and conferences for the Palazzetto Bru Zane – Centre de musique romantique française (Venice).


The centennial commemorations of the Great War in 2014 have yielded significant research on the relationship between music and this first world-wide conflict. Thanks to several conferences and publications, our knowledge about the musical repertoire played on the home front, the musical practices of the soldiers, or the war’s impact on European musical life, is expanding. While joining the efforts to enlighten this particularly little-known period of music history, this book aims to investigate that relationship by adopting a larger time-span: from the end of eighteenth century until the outbreak of the First World War. What kind of connections can be found between music, musicians or the musical economy (editions, the circulation of scores, opera and concert programming, professionalisation) and the different conflicts that would tear the European continent apart? Bringing together more than twenty case studies dealing with several European wars, this volume also investigates the evolution of the perception of the sound of war (by Martin Kaltenecker), and proposes new perspectives based on recent 20th-century music and war studies.



Étienne Jardin

The Sound of War

Martin Kaltenecker, «What Scenes! – What Sounds!». Some Remarks on Soundscapes in War Times 

Morag Josephine Grant, Music during Battle: Representation and Reality. The Case of the Great Highland Bagpipe in the Nineteenth Century 

Éric Sauda, La chanson au front durant la Grande Guerre 

Military and Political Music

Bella Brover-Lubovsky, Music for Cannons: Giuseppe Sarti in the Second Turkish War 

Stephanie Klauk, Italienische Schlachtenmusiken zu Napoleon Bonaparte. Die Schlacht von Marengo 

Alessandra Palidda, Milan and the Music of Political Transitions in the Napoleonic Period: The Case of Ambrogio Minoja (1752-1825) 

Patrick O’Connell, Military Music and Rebellion, Ireland – 1793 to 1816

David Gasche, Significance of the Wind Band Music from the Napoleonic Era to the Congress of Vienna: Exemple with ‘Gott erhalte den Kaiser’ by Joseph Triebensee (1810) 

Michaela Freemanová, Václav František Červený and his Successors 

Sara Navarro  Lalanda, L’assedio di Tetuan (1859-1860): una causa comune in tempi di instabilità nazionale 

Tobias Fasshauer, Globalizing the Military Style: Transatlantic Relations in Belle Époque March Composing 

Cristina Scuderi, I canti italiani di protesta nella Grande Guerra 

Publishing and Teaching Music during Wartime

David Rowland, European Music Publishing during the Napoleonic Wars 

Henri Vanhulst, Les relations commerciales de Jean-Jérôme Imbault d’après l’acte de vente du 14 juillet 1812 

Nancy November, Selling String Quartets in Napoleonic Vienna 

Frédéric de La Grandville, War and Peace in Paris, 1795-1815: Military Repercussions on the Paris Music Conservatoire 

David Mastin, «Aux Armes! Musiciens!»: Les élèves du Conservatoire national en Grande Guerre 
Echos of War in the Repertoire

Maxime Margollé, L’influence  de la guerre sur le répertoire d’opéra-comique pendant la Révolution 

Maria Birbili, Battle and Siege in the Opera of the French Revolution  and in the Napoleonic Era 

Rainer Kleinertz, Ludwig van Beethoven Symphonie Nr. 7 in A-dur. Eine ‘Kriegssymphonie’? 

Ryszard Daniel Golianek, A Valiant Nation:  Images of Poland and the Poles in German Singspiel c1830 

Mariateresa Storino, Solidarità dei Popoli e idea di Patria: i poemi sinfonici di Augusta Holmès 

James Garratt, «Ein gute Wehr und Waffen»: Apocalyptic and Redemptive Narratives in Organ Music from the  Great War 


Jillian Rogers, Ties That Bind: Music, Mourning,  and the Development of Intimacy and Alternative Kinship
Networks in World War i-Era France 


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