Book Series Indicopleustoi, vol. 12.1

Man and Environment in Prehistoric and Protohistoric South Asia: New Perspectives

Aurore Didier, Benjamin Mutin (eds)

  • Pages: 374 p.
  • Size:210 x 297 mm
  • Illustrations:100 b/w
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2017

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  • ISBN: 978-2-503-56803-4
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This volume focuses mainly on the complex relationships between man and a changing environment in prehistoric and protohistoric South Asia.


The European Association for South Asian Archaeology and Art promotes the study of archaeology, art history, architectural history, material culture, numismatics and epigraphy in South Asia. Twenty-three contributions have been carefully selected from the 2012 international conference in Paris and have been arranged according to a chronological and thematic perspective. This volume focuses mainly on the complex relationships between man and a changing environment in Prehistoric and Protohistoric South Asia.


List of authors – Foreword

J.-F. Jarrige, Key-Note Lecture: Indus-Oxus Civilisations: More Thoughts

A. M. Bauer, Iron Age Settlement and Land Use in Southern India: Recent Survey Evidence from Koppal District, Karnataka

F. Brunet, A. Razzokov, Towards a New Characterisation of the Chalcolithic in Central Asia. The Lithic Industry of Sarazm (Tajikistan): the First Results of the Technological Analysis

E. Cortesi, M. Daszkiewicz, G. Schneider, U. Franke, Sohr Damb/Nal, Pakistan: Preliminary Results of Archaeometric Analysis of Pottery

A. Dupont-Delaleuf, Ceramic Production at Ulug-Depe (Turkmenistan) from the Late Chalcolithic to the Early Bronze Age: Technical Traditions

J. J. García-Granero, C. Lancelotti, M. Madella, P. Ajithprasad, Plant Processing Activities at Loteshwar (North Gujarat, India): a Micro-Botanical Approach

K. Kaniuth, The Late Bronze Age Settlement of Tilla Bulak (Uzbekistan)—A Summary of Four Years’ Work

G. O. Kelly, Meaning in Context in the Iron Age: Beads And Ornaments in Megaliths, Ritual and Daily Life at Kadebakele, Karnataka (1200-300 BCE)

M. Ashraf Khan, Recent Exploration of Archaeological Sites in District Rawalpindi and Islamabad

J. Lhuillier, What about the Relationships Between the Sites With Painted Pottery North and South of Hindu-Kush During the Transition from the Bronze Age tothe Early Iron Age? Reassessment of Data and New Perspectives

E. Luneau, The Fall of the Oxus Civilisation and the Role of Exchanges With Neighbouring Societies During the First Half of the Second Millennium BCE

K. D. Morrison, S. N. Reddy, A. Kashyap, Agrarian Transitions in Iron Age Southern India: Social and Environmental Implications

B. Mutin, A. Razzokov, R. Besenval, H.-P. Francfort, Resuming Joint Tajik-French Fieldwork at Sarazm, Tajikistan. Preliminary Activity Report on the 2011-2012 field Seasons

Toshiki Osada, Rihn’s Indus Project (2007-2012)

D. Parikh, C. A. Petrie, Urban-Rural Dynamics and Indus Ceramic Production in Northwest India: a Preliminary Analysis of the Pottery from Masudpur I and Masudpur Vii

C. A. Petrie, R. N. Singh, C. A.I. French, J. Bates, C. Lancelotti, S. Neogi, A. K. Pandey, D. Parikh, V. Pawar, D. I. Redhouse, Land, Water and Settlement in Northwest India 2008-2012. A Review of Progress

V. N. Prabhakar, Analysis of the Ernestite Stone Drills from Dholavira Excavations

P. Shirvalkar, Y. S. Rawat, A Problem Oriented Excavations at Kotada Bhadli in Gujarat: a Small Site Archaeology

C. M. Sinopoli, Ceramic Change and Ceramic Use in Late Prehistoric South India: the Evidence from Kadebakele (Koppal District, Karnataka)

A. Uesugi, Ceramic Sequence in the Ghaggar Plains from Pre-Indus to Post-Urban Indus Periods

M. Vidale, L. M. Olivieri, M. Cupitò, R. Micheli, A. Iqbal, M. Zahir, F. Genchi, A New Phase of Research on the Protohistoric Graves of Swat Valley, Khyber Pakthunkhwa, Pakistan

N. M. Vinogradova, Y. G. Kutimov, M. Teufer, G. Lombardo, New Monuments of the Vakhsh Culture in the Basin of River Kyzylsu (Tajikistan)

K. Wilcox, New Insights on the Ritual Use of Animals in the South Indian Iron Age (1200 BCE-300 BCE): Faunal Analysis at Kadebakele