Book Series Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Mediaevalis, vol. 235A

Gerardus Magnus

Opera omnia II, 2

Scripta contra simoniam et proprietarios

Rijcklof H. F. Hofman, Marinus van den Berg (eds)

  • Pages: 517 p.
  • Size:155 x 245 mm
  • Language(s):Latin, English, Middle Dutch
  • Publication Year:2016

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-56640-5
  • Hardback
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Geert Grote (1340-1384) on corruption among the clergy


"Gert Groote erscheint in den mustergültig edierten und auf Benutzerfreundlichkeit setzenden Texten zu den Problemkreisen von Simonie und (klösterlichem) Besitz im späten Mittelalter als gewichtige Stimme in einem vielstimmigen Konzert - es ist nun an der Forschung, diese Stimme sehr viel stärker als bisher der Fall vernehmbar zu machen. Der vorliegende Band bietet hierfür beste Voraussetzungen." (Ralf Lützelschwab, in SEHEPUNKTE, 20, 2020)


Rijcklof Hofman (1958-) is editor of the Gerardi Magni Opera Omnia at the Titus Brandsma Instituut, Radboud University, Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Earlier editions include Ioannis Rusbrochii Ornatus spiritualis desponsationis Gerardo Magno interprete (Corpus Christianorum, Continuatio Mediaeualis 172) (2000), Gerardi Magni Sermo ad clerum Traiectensem de focaristis – Opera minora contra focaristas (Corpus Christianorum, Continuatio Mediaeualis 235) (2011), and Gerardi Magni Contra turrim Traiectensem (Corpus Christianorum, Continuatio Mediaeualis 192) (2003), 745-814.

Marinus van den Berg (1949-) has published several Medieval Dutch texts, including De Noordnederlandse historiebijbel. Een kritische editie met inleiding en aantekeningen van Hs. Ltk 231 uit de Leidse Universiteitsbibliotheek (1998) and Het Gaesdonckse-traktatenhandschrift. Olim hs. Gaesdonck, Collegium Augustinianum, ms. 16 (2005).


Gerardus Magnus or Geert Grote (1340-1384), the founder of the Dutch religious reform movement Deuotio moderna, is the author of a rich and varied written legacy. Shortly after his death already, his biographers singled out his attempts to improve the moral standards of contemporary clergymen among his most noteworthy pursuits. His efforts in this field basically came down to opposition against two forms of abuse in the world of the clergy, incompetence and corruption. In the present volume his essays against corruption in the medieval Church are edited. These essays address corrupt practices in connection with the acquisition of, and functioning in, ecclesiastical offices, as well as the widespread custom to require an admission fee from prospective residents in religious institutions. Grote defined his views on such entrance fees shortly after his conversion to a devout lifestyle in 1374, in the Statutes composed for religious women living together in part of his own house. Because of its relevance for the essays against entrance fees, a new edition of these Statutes is included in the present edition. Related to these abuses is a tolerant attitude towards personal possessions belonging to individual residents in religious communities, a custom known as proprietarism. Grote’s essays against this evil are also included in the edition.


Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Consilium de cura pastorali (ep. 73) — ed. R. Hofman

Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Consilium de locatione curae pastoralis — ed. R. Hofman

Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Epistula ad abbatem in Camp de proprietariis vitandis (ep. 41) — ed. R. Hofman

Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Epistula ad rectricem monialium de proprietariis (ep. 45) — ed. R. Hofman

Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Epistula ad Wilhelmum Vroede de cura pastorali recusanda a minoribus aetate (ep. 17) — ed. R. Hofman

Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Epistula de monachorum ingressu et eorum resignatione in monasteriis (ep. 46) — ed. R. Hofman

Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Epistula de proprietate monachorum ad quendam professum (ep. 27) — ed. R. Hofman

Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Epistula super Iohannem presbyterum et dominum Henricum de Scoenhove de Gouda de simonia evitanda in cura pastorali (ep. 19) — ed. R. Hofman

Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Epistulae duae ad abbatem et fratres in Camp de sororibus cisterciensibus in Ter Hunnepe (ep. 44 et 42) — ed. R. Hofman

Gerardus Magnus (Geert Grote) — Sermo in festo palmarum de paupertate — ed. R. Hofman