Journal Judaïsme ancien / Ancient Judaism, vol. 4

Judaïsme ancien – Ancient Judaism, 4, 2016

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  • Language(s):French, English
  • Publication Year:2016

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    The journal tackles, both directly and indirectly, all of the scientific issues associated with Ancient Judaism. Every aspect of Judaism, including variations, trends, and differing approaches, will be considered. The journal is particularly interested in debates and the results of research regarding primary documentation allowing direct access to knowledge about Ancient Judaism.
    The journal is both historical and philological with the intention of being interdisciplinary. It focuses on literature, archaeology and epigraphy, culture, religion and sociology. It intends to cover the period spanning between the sixth century BCE and the ninth century CE. The journal is to be a milieu in which to characterize the interactions (relationships, specificities, distinctions, acculturations) between Rabbinic Judaism, Christian Judaism, and Early Islam. Thus the journal covers a broad spectrum without being exclusive. It accepts contributions in French as well as in English, German and Italian. Moreover, it is the only international journal published in the French language on the subject of Ancient Judaism that is characterized by historical and philological approaches to the material.



    Patterns of Priesthood, Priestliness and Priestly Functions in Some Second Temple Period Texts (George Brooke)
    Visible Violence: Numbers 25 and the Atonement of Phinehas (David Shepherd)
    Filling the Earth: A Consecration Motif in the Priestly Creation Story? (Jon Morgan)
    Paul’s Priestly Ministry and the Offering of the Gentiles (Rom 15:16) (Sarah Whittle)
    Au sujet de l’affaiblissement de l’autorité des prêtres en matière de jurisprudence dans le judaïsme ancien (David Hamidović)
    Coutumes et lois cultuelles dans les livres de Samuel (Jürg Hutzli)
    La question du fond historique des récits évangéliques. Deux guérisons un jour de Kippour : l’hémorroïsse et la résurrection de la fille de Jaïre et le possédé de Gérasa/Gadara (Thierry Murcia)
    Les traditions généalogiques de la famille de Jésus et les généalogies évangéliques (Christophe Guignard)

    En amont de la decouverte de Nag Hammadi. Nouvelles traduction francaise et concordance de la Pistis Sophia du codex Askew (British Library Additional 5114) (Eric Cregheur & Steve Johnston) 
    Scribal Intervention in the Titles of Nag Hammadi Codex V (Julio Cesar Dias Chaves) 


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