Book Series Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris

Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris

An Inventory of Late Antique Historiography (A.D. 300-800)

Peter Van Nuffelen, Lieve Van Hoof

  • Pages: cxvi + 1079 p.
  • Size:155 x 245 mm
  • Language(s):English, Greek, Latin
  • Publication Year:2020

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-55295-8
  • Hardback
  • Available

This volume inventorises the whole historiographical production of Late Antiquity.


“The overall range of materials included is impressive especially as it takes such a long-time span into account; the use of 'later antiquity' in the title is rather arbitrary since there are works from the second to the twelfth century included and the title might just as well have added: et Mediaevalis. (...) We are all in debt to the editors and contributors for such care and meticulous presentation of the information. For all who work on materials produced in late antiquity / the early medieval period this will be a 'go to' reference work; while for historians of the early Middle Ages it will be indispensable." (Thomas O'Loughlin, in: Peritia 33, 2022, p. 350-352) 

"Der Clavis ist als so gut wie vollständige Liste spätantiker Geschichtswerke ein in dieser Form einmaliges Arbeitsinstrument." (Raphael Brendel, in Theologische Literaturzeitung, 146, 2021, 12, p. 117)

"Insgesamt ist CHAP ein monumentales und sehr informatives Kompendium, das sich trotz einiger hier besprochener Probleme, die vor allem als Anregungen dienen mögen, durch große Sorgfalt auszeichnet und wenige Druckfehler enthält. Dieses Standardwerk wird über die Fachgrenzen der Altertumswissenschaften hinaus für alle, die sich mit der spätantiken und frühmittelalterlichen Geschichtsschreibung beschäftigen, von großem Nutzen sein." (Carlo Scardino, in: Sehepunkte 21, 2021, Nr. 9 [15.09.2021], URL:

“The volume (…) successfully accomplishes what the editors promised in the first chapter and delivers a collection of contributions replete with rich sources and insightful approaches to understand how rhetoric and religious identities interacted.” (Alberto J. Quiroga Puertas, in Gnomon, 95/7, 2023, p. 629)


Peter Van Nuffelen is Research Professor of Ancient History in the Department of History of Ghent University.
Lieve Van Hoof is Research Professor of Ancient History in the same department.


The Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris, part of the Brepols Claves, is an inventory of all attested works of historiography from Late Antiquity (300-800 AD), in any state of preservation. It offers full coverage of works written in Latin, Greek, Syriac, Armenian, Georgian and Coptic, while also including Jewish and Persian works. Containing information on author and work, it provides guidance on authorship, social and religious context, genre, sources, manuscript tradition, and editions and translations. A substantial introduction discusses genres in late ancient historiography, and numerous indices facilitate the use of the Clavis. In this way, the CHAP will be an essential research tool for scholars working on the history of historiography, Late Antiquity and Patristics, and it will facilitate further research on the genre.