Book Series Outremer. Studies in the Crusades and the Latin East, vol. 3

Jerusalem the Golden

The Origins and Impact of the First Crusade

Susan B. Edgington, Luis García-Guijarro (eds)

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  • Language(s):English, French
  • Publication Year:2014

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"Readers interested in the many hidden aspects surrounding the First Crusade will find Jerusalem the Golden extremely useful." (Thomas Zacharis, in: Military History, July 2015)

« L’ensemble (…) comporte des art. riches qui représentent des mises au point importants sur différents éléments de l’historiographie de la Première croisade. » (John Tolan, dans Le Moyen Age, 122/1, 2016, p. 151)


Susan B. Edgington is a teaching and research fellow at Queen Mary University of London. She is an authority on the sources for the First Crusade and the early history of the kingdom of Jerusalem

Luis García-Guijarro is reader in Medieval History at the University of Zaragoza. His many books and articles deal with crusades, military orders, church history, socio-economic history, and Iberia in the central Middle Ages


This collection brings together new work by an international cast of distinguished scholars, who explore areas as diverse as the military and ecclesiastical aspects of the First Crusade; its representation in contemporary sculpture; and the way it has been portrayed in modern fiction and film. Further contributions analyse and compare primary sources and historiography, and yet others consider the crusade in its Mediterranean context, which is sometimes overlooked. These definitive studies of established areas of research are augmented by the ground-breaking work of a number of early-career academics who are working in relatively new areas: the ‘emotional language’ used in the narrative sources; the memorialization of the crusades; and the use of literary sources for crusade studies: notably there are complementary papers on the heroes and villains depicted in the Old French poetic accounts of the First Crusade. In these twenty-one essays every historian and interested reader of medieval history will find illumination and food for thought.


Preface by Luis García-Guijarro
Introduction by Susan B. Edgington, Expanding the Historiography of the First Crusade

I The Origins and Background to the First Crusade

  1. †H. E. J. Cowdrey, The New Dimensions of Reform: War as a Path to Salvation
  2. Jean Flori, Jérusalem terrestre, céleste et spirituelle: trois facteurs de sacralisation de la première croisade
  3. Manuel Rojas, Eleventh-Century Warfare in Western Europe
  4. †Marco Tangheroni, The Normans and the Conquest of Sicily
  5. Mike Carr, Between Byzantium, Egypt and the Holy Land: The Italian Maritime Republics and the First Crusade
  6. Robert Somerville, The Crusade in the Councils of Urban II beyond Clermont
II The Course of the Crusade

  1. Jonathan Riley-Smith, An Army on Pilgrimage
  2. Judith Bronstein, 1096 and the Jews: A Historiographic Approach
  3. John France, Moving to the Goal, June 1098-July 1099
  4. Luis García-Guijarro, Some Considerations on the Crusaders’ Letter to Pope Urban II (September 1098)
  5. Stephen Spencer, Constructing the Crusader: Emotional Language in the Narratives of the First Crusade
  6. Alan V. Murray, The Siege and Capture of Jerusalem in Narrative Sources of the First Crusade
III The Impact of the Crusade

    1.   Michael Brett, The Muslim Response to the First Crusade
    2.   Sophia Menache, After the Conquest: Emotions from the Holy Land
    3.   Sini Kangas, Growing Up to Become a Crusader: The Next Generation

IV The Afterlife of the Crusade

  1. Elena Bellomo, Rewriting the Past: The First Crusade in the Memory of Italian Communal Cities
  2. Simon Parsons, Making Heroes out of Crusaders: The Literary Afterlife of Crusade Participants in the Chanson d'Antioche
  3. Carol Sweetenham, The Cannibals and the Count: the First Crusade as a Drama of Salvation in the Old French Crusade Cycle
  4. Ruth Bartal, The Image of the Saracen in Romanesque Sculpture: Literary and Visual Perceptions
  5. Robert Irwin, History, Fiction and Film: Islam faces the Crusaders